Every great harvest begins with a batch of high-quality seeds, at least concerning nurturing your cannabis plants. If you don’t begin with the best seeds possible, you’ll possibly sacrifice the results of your efforts down the line. 

Most growers will order extra seeds so that they are ready to begin their next grow whenever the timing is right. How can we know that the seeds we store today will turn into the gorgeous cannabis plants that we want to grow tomorrow?

As it turns out, there are some tried and true storage methods that you can embrace to help preserve your extra marijuana seeds.

Areas of Focus

Whether you are buying extra seeds of a favored strain for storage, or you simply ordered too many seeds, you’ll want to find a safe place to store them. From auto-flowering seeds to regular cannabis seeds, these small kernels of life are at once valuable and volatile.

To keep your cannabis seeds properly stored until you need them, you will want to focus on the following concepts:

  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Storage
  • Humidity
  • Pests

Find the Right Storage Temperature

If you are looking to store your cannabis seeds, the first thing you will want to pay attention to is your storage temperature. Cannabis seeds are at their best when stored between 43 and 47 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower temperatures begin to sink, the less likely it is that your seeds will germinate in the future.

Experienced growers will opt for special refrigeration units that keep their seeds at the optimal temperature. If possible, opt for a fridge that is a no-frost model so that you can store your seeds without concern or worry. Refrigerator units with vegetable and fruit storage sections are even better for your cannabis seeds.

Note: You can opt to freeze your seeds. If you want to freeze your marijuana seeds you must first vacuum pack them before sealing them away in a dark container. When you are ready to sprout these seeds, do not let them thaw first

Understand Your Humidity Levels

Humidity levels are enormously important to the health and vitality of your cannabis seeds. These seeds require a proper humidity level and moisture level for germination. If these numbers get too high, the seeds can begin to rot while in storage. Pests can also become a real issue if the humidity level is out of control.

Here is a brief chart to use when setting the humidity level in your storage area:

  • 8% – At this humidity level, your seeds will attract both pests and insects.
  • 9 – 20% – Fungal development is a real possibility. However, if you can keep your levels between 8% and 10% then your seeds should flourish in long-term storage.
  • 21 – 30% This is the best humidity level for most cannabis seeds in storage.
  • 30 – 60% – In this humidity range, you are entering the germination zone.  
  • Over 60% – This is the danger zone for your seeds. Once your humidity level exceeds the 80% mark, your seeds will die in under 12 hours.

Invest in a hygrometer early on in your gardening career to ensure the health and vitality of your cannabis seeds at all times.

Consider How Long You Will Store Your Seeds

Believe it or not, the duration of your storage will change how you approach handling your seeds. So far, we’ve focused on relative humidity levels and temperatures. Now we need to think about timing. Before you store your seeds, take a moment to consider how long you plan on keeping them set aside.

Short-term Storage

If you plan on leaving your seeds in storage for only a few days, then you can rely on a dark drawer or a cupboard. Avoid temperature and humidity changes, especially when they are rapid or extreme, so that you can keep your seeds as safe as possible. 

To optimize your short-term storage solutions, consider placing your seeds in a container alongside a desiccant. Seal the container before placing it in a cool and dark drawer for collection at a later time.

Medium-term Storage

If you are considering investing in a seed refrigerator, this is the time you would want to utilize it. Store your seeds in an airtight container, typically a Ziploc bag or a mason jar. Place the refrigerator in the fridge and avoid opening the cooling device as often as possible.

Most refrigerators have relatively low humidity levels. If your seeds lack too much humidity, they will begin to consume nutrients which can be bad for their long-term health.

Long-term Storage

If you are planning on storing your seeds for at least six months, then you need to invest in a vacuum-sealed container. Remove all of the air from a Ziploc bag or utilize a special vacuum-sealing device to accomplish the task. Once done, place the sealed bag into a dark container before placing the contraption entirely in the refrigerator.

Keep Your Seeds in the Dark

If you haven’t gotten the hint yet by now, it is important to keep your stored cannabis seeds away from any light pollution. Like humidity and temperature, the light will signal to your seed that it is time to wake up and begin to sprout. A single halogen bulb in your refrigerator can inspire your seed to begin the flowering process.

Extended exposure, particularly when seeds are improperly stored, can cause damage to the seeds themselves. Properly store your cannabis seeds in a dark or opaque container to keep light exposure to a minimum.