Germinating Cannabis Seeds in Paper Towel

In this commonly used method, the first thing you need to do is to soak the seeds in bottled spring water for at least fourteen, but not more than eighteen hours, as this may cause drowning.  After which you will need to germinate the seeds between thick, damp paper towels. 

It is crucial to balance the humidity with the moisture level of these paper towels. Throughout the process, it should remain damp enough that it won’t dry out, but not too wet that it could already be drowning. Then place it on a ceramic plate and make sure not to cover the seeds with anything other than paper towels, as this might disrupt airflow. Next is to place them in a dark and open room with a warm temperature and just let them sit until they open.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Supplies Needed:

  • Cannabis Seeds – Get them from the library that contains a wide selection of Bulk Marijuana Seeds strains of the highest quality.
  • Cheap paper towels – Cheaper ones are more efficient than those expensive cloth-like kinds as seed roots grow and need to cut through.
  • Ceramic Plate – This will help in locking in moisture during the germination cycle.
  • Seedling Heat Mat – It is the best option to keep seeds warm or can be on any warm surface that holds on about 70-85°F (20-30°C).


  1. Put seeds in a glass of bottled spring water at room temperature and let it soak for 14 to 18 hours. Do not exceed 18 hours or the seeds will drown. 
  2. Arrange the paper towels: place at least three to four paper towels on top of the ceramic plate. Don’t load it up too much. Those few sheets will hold up an ample amount of water. You can also fold or cut the paper towel the same size as your plate so it will fit perfectly on it. 
  3. Write the strain names: you may write them on the paper towel itself to label them. It will keep you aware of which seed is which, most important when you are growing different varieties at a time.
  4. Add some water & then the seeds: add some water first over the paper towels and make sure it is completely soaked through, then put the seeds in between them. Placing the plate on a flat surface will also keep the seeds from not moving.
  5. Cover it with a sheet of paper towel: placing a single sheet of paper towel on top will make it easy for you to see if the seeds have already germinated without disturbing them. Remember to keep the paper towels moist and damp throughout the germination process. 
  6. To prevent the seeds from drying out, you will have to re moisturize them every six hours or so while checking them in-between hours, as each seed has a different trigger schedule 
  7. Place it on a plate covered with another paper towel and nothing else. Do not cover it with another plate or zip-lock bag, as the seed needs access to oxygen for successful germination to occur.
  8. Place in a warm, dark, and open room and let them sit there until they crack open while making sure the paper towels are kept moist by adding water periodically.
  9. Inspect seeds at least once a day: occasional watering will guarantee paper towels moist. With this, you can tell right away when the seeds have germinated by just picking up the top plate without disturbing them.

Pros & Cons of Germinating Marijuana Seeds in Paper Towel

Pros: Fast Growth, High Germination Rate, Keep Track Without Disturbance, Less Space Used, Fun Process 

Cons: Multiple Steps In Growing, Requires Specific Supplies, Produces Bucket Head Seedlings