Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Thriving a successful marijuana plant depends on a good starting point of germination. We all know the fact that marijuana seeds are natural things and can be caused by many environmental factors that affect their growth. And here in Bulk Marijuana Seeds, we assure you that we give you healthy cannabis seeds of the highest quality and free of impurities that will guarantee you a 100% germination rate. 

Cannabis germination is the process of seeds developing into a new plant. Usually, determined by the method used in germinating so that seeds will sprout with visible white tendrils called taproots. This taproot is your plant’s first root, where other possible roots may come out from it as well. Many factors can affect germination, so we give you the following best germinating methods you can apply to your marijuana seeds.

1. Germinating Cannabis Seeds in Paper Towel

In this commonly used method, you need to germinate the seed in between wet paper towels, then place it on a plate to lock-in moisture, and then set on a seedling heat mat for some days to gain successful seedlings to cultivate. But for you to understand the process easier, let us guide you through it.

Germinating Cannabis Seeds in Paper Towel

Supplies Needed:

  • Cannabis Seeds – Get them from the library that contains a wide selection of Bulk Marijuana Seeds strains of the highest quality.
  • Cheap paper towels – Cheaper ones are more to be efficient than that expensive cloth-like as seed roots grow and need to cut off.
  • Two Plates – This will help in locking-in moisture during the germination cycle.
  • Seedling Heat Mat – It is the best option to keep seeds warm or can be on any warm surface that holds on about 70-85°F (20-30°C).


  1. Arrange the paper towel: Place at least three to four paper towels inside the first plate. Don’t load it up too much. Those few sheets will hold up an ample of water. You can also fold or cut the paper towel the same size as your plate so it will fit perfectly inside. 
  2. Write on the strains: You may write it on the paper towel itself to label them. It will keep you aware of which seed is which, most important when you are growing different varieties at a time.
  3. Add some water & then the seeds: Adding some water first on top of the paper towels, make sure it is completely soaked through, then put them inside. Placing the plate on a flat surface will also keep them from not moving.
  4. Cover it with 1 sheet of paper towel: Placing a single sheet of paper towel on top will make it easy for you to see if the seeds have already germinated without disturbing them. Add an ample amount of water on the top sheet to keep its moisture all the way through.
  5. Put the 2nd plate on top: The plate on top will lock in all the moisture needed. 
  6. Settle on a seedling heat mat: Using a seedling heat mat is the best and fastest way to germinate seeds keeping a temperature of 70-85°F (20-30°C). Experts advise not to place the plates directly on it for it might get too hot. You can put something in between like a cloth or anything that will give some space between the heating mat and the plate. However, the warm temperature on top of the refrigerator works well for some people.
  7. Inspect seeds at least once a day: Occasional watering will guarantee paper towels moist. With this, you can tell right away when the seeds have germinated by just picking up the top plate without disturbing them. Typically it will sprout in 1-3 days, though other older seeds may take longer though.

Pros & Cons of Germinating Marijuana Seeds in Paper Towel

Pros: Fast Growth, High Germination Rate, Keep Track Without Disturbance, Less Space Used, Fun Process 

Cons: Multiple Steps In Growing, Requires Specific Supplies, Produces Bucket Head Seedlings

2. Germinating Marijuana Seeds in Water

Another popular germination method for cannabis seeds that have extra hard shells, or are too old, by soaking the seeds overnight in a glass of water at room temperature, and then place them in a growing medium to start them to germinate. Once the right conditions arise, the taproot begins to show up by cracking up the shell of the seed. To further give you an understanding of how to do this technique, let us give you some tips.


Supplies Needed:

  • Glass Container – A typical drinking glass will do, yet you can use a glass bowl or other container as long as it can resist the warm temperature of the water.
  • Cannabis Seeds – Choose your preference from a wide variety of high-quality seeds from our bank at Bulk Marijuana Seeds.
  • Water – Using tap water will be fine, but experts use RO water for better results.
  • Growing Medium – Most ideally in a moist paper towel or cheesecloth, but you can also use Rapidrooter, light soilless mix, or any other growing medium you preferably like.


  1. Prepare a glass of water: Most growers use warm tap water on a clear drinking glass to germinate the seeds. But experts advise using RO water as it may germinate seeds more effectively. Hydrogen peroxide is sometimes added to the water by some growers to accelerate the process.
  2. Soak the seeds: Hard seeds can be soaked overnight but can still reach a maximum of 32 hours until they germinate. Leaving the seeds a room temperature will make it to trigger its hormones that signal the cell to start from sprouting. Soaking too long can drown them and will rot faster. The twin signals of water and heat will make marijuana seeds begin the process of sprouting. 
  3. Transfer the seeds in a growing medium: After soaking, place them either in a moist paper towel or cheesecloth. Using a growing-medium like Rapid Rooter or Light Soilless Mix may need some waiting. Make sure not to open up the growing-medium to inspect to avoid the risk of injuring the sprouting seeds. Fungi might develop, but you can mist it with a fungicide solution or a very mild 2% bleach.
  4. Keep the seeds warm: It is required to place the seeds in a location that is warm with 70 – 90°F (21 – 32°C), and be sure to keep the growing-medium moist enough but not soggy wet. On the final stage of germination, it may produce a small rootlet seedling that is sensitive to too much exposure to intense light and air. Sprouting will start within 3-5 days.

Pros & Cons of Germinating Marijuana Seeds in Water

Pros: Simple Steps In Growing, Fast Growth, Less Space Used, Practical Process 

Cons: Produces Small Sensitive Seedlings, Prone To Fungi, Low Germination Rate

3. Germinating Marijuana Seeds in Soil

It is the easiest, low-risk type of germination that is often called direct germination. Naturally, a cannabis seed will sprout in the soil and appear with its taproot expanding into the earth. Hence you can plant marijuana seeds directly into your growing-medium of your preference. You don’t have to worry about shocking the seeds while transporting them. In this technique, we will guide you as you beneficially learn how to grow them directly on the soil.


Supplies Needed:

  • Grow Pots – Any kind of growing pot will be perfect, can be plastic or ceramic as long as it can sustain the cannabis from seedling to a mature plant.
  • Soil – Preferably fresh and clean soil for a better outcome.
  • Cannabis Seeds – Secure some high-quality seeds from the seed bank of Bulk Marijuana Seeds’ wide selection from top breeders worldwide.
  • Kitchen Cover – You can either use a kitchen foil wrap or a plastic cling wrap.


  1. Prepare and water the soil: Put fresh and clean soil on your preferred pots. Backyard soil is not advisable as it may contain molds and pests that may destroy your seeds. Damp the soil by watering it with a small amount of regular tap water, do not soak it as you might risk your seeds, making them rot. Do not add any additives to the water as it might affect its sprouting time.
  2. Place the seeds inside the soil: Make a small hole in the soil and set the seeds 3-5mm deep into the soil. Not too deep, as it will have a hard time reaching the surface or else it will die. Enclosed the seed with soil and gently press it down.
  3. Cover the pots: Make use of kitchen cling wrap or a microwave foil, then poke some small holes to let air flow and avoid the risk of overheating. This will serve as a small greenhouse, protecting the inside of your pot moist and warm. Place your setup in a room with a stable temperature ideally 20-25 degrees. 
  4. Wait to germinate: All you have to do now is sit and relax. It often takes about 5-10 days for seedlings to show up. You can remove foil as soon as your seedling has sprouted, seeing the first leaves reach the surface.

Pros & Cons of Germinating Marijuana Seeds in Soil

Pros: Simple Steps In Growing, High Germination Rate, Low-Risk Process 

Cons: Sensitive To Temperature, Slow Growth