How do we package and ship your BulkMJSeeds?

We use special packaging for all our marijuana seeds to ensure that they are protected during transit. We ship discreetly and we can guarantee you that your privacy will be protected as well.

Can you order seeds in the BulkMJSeeds authentic packaging?

Only Canadian customers can receive their seeds in our brand packaging. We do not send empty packaging for the purpose of reselling in other countries.

How much does the shipping cost? and what is the expected delivery time?

Just by simply ordering enough seeds, we will cover the cost of shipping. WE DO FREE SHIPPING ON SELECTED LOCATIONS!

BulkMJSeed Wholesale prices with free shipping;

  • 10-99 Quantity for 10$ per seeed
  • 100-199 Quantity for 5$ per seed
  • 200-499 Quantity for 4.50$ per seed
  • 500-999 Quantity for  4$ per seed
  • 1000+ Quantity for 3.50$ per seed

TRANSIT TIME: Express shipments take 2-7 days for delivery