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How Long Does THC Stay In Your Hair

How Long Does THC Stay In Your Hair

Are you curious about the detection time of a hair follicle drug test? This question might be on your mind if you are required to undergo such a test. While it may not apply to those who do not partake in the occasional pleasure of using marijuana, it can be challenging to find individuals who have not been enticed by its allure. In the year 2023, nearly half of U.S. adults have experimented with marijuana at least once. Interestingly, the marijuana industry is expanding at a faster pace than the rate at which states are legalizing cannabis. Consequently, employers continue to conduct drug tests, leading to a common inquiry: How long does THC, the active component of marijuana, remain detectable in your hair? Fortunately, we have an answer for you.

Passing a hair drug test is notoriously difficult, which is why an increasing number of employers favor it over other types of drug tests. The reason behind this preference is that a hair drug test can detect the presence of drug residues for approximately 90 days. Moreover, hair drug tests are believed to have a near-perfect accuracy score, which eliminates the need for confirmatory tests if the initial result is positive.

What Is A Hair Drug Test?

Hair drug tests, as indicated by their name, involve the analysis of hair samples. They possess the longest drug detection window among various testing methods, typically spanning up to 90 days. Therefore, if an individual has consumed marijuana and undergoes a hair follicle test within this 90-day timeframe, it is highly likely that the test will yield a positive result. This principle applies not only to THC, the active component of marijuana, but also to other types of drugs. Thus, the duration of 90 days serves as the answer to the question: How long does THC or other drug substances remain detectable in your hair?

How Long Does THC Stay In Your Hair?

When drugs are consumed, their metabolites enter the bloodstream and become distributed throughout the entire body, reaching every cell. Remarkably, these drug residues also find their way into the hair follicles through the blood vessels. Consequently, when conducting a hair sample test on an individual who has used drugs, the presence of these substances can be detected.

During the test procedure, a lab assistant or doctor will carefully cut approximately 1.5 inches of hair from the roots. However, there is no need to be overly concerned as they will not take a significant amount from a single spot. Instead, they may gather the sample from multiple areas on the scalp to ensure it goes unnoticed. Subsequently, the collected hair sample will be sent to a laboratory for thorough analysis. Within a few days, the test results will be available, providing insights into the presence of drug substances in the individual’s system.


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