If you are planning to grow marijuana in California, it is legal to do so. As early as 2003, the government of California has implemented the legalization of recreational use cannabis and medical use cannabis. So it is permitted to order bulk cannabis seeds in California for growers. California residents aged 21 and over are allowed to possess up to 1 ounce (roughly 28 grams) of cannabis. Adults can also participate in California’s home cultivation program where they are allowed to grow a maximum of six (6) pots of weed regardless of the maturity level of the plant.

As long as adults are aware and follow the guidelines set by California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Health, they are legally within the bounds of the law. 

Commercially growing cannabis is a different story where a long process of registering, background checking, and public hearings are undertaken before final approval to grow and dispense commercially. Thus ordering bulk cannabis seeds in California is allowed as there are already registered and licensed dispensaries all over the state. For potential growers, the ordering of bulk weed seeds in California has its economical benefits as bulk orders tend to lower the cost of purchasing due to the discounts given by vendors for bulk orders.

We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds are focused on providing all our customers the satisfaction of getting the best deals we could offer. We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds offer marijuana seeds at a lower cost. This means that the customer is getting a valuable deal with savings on costs. We offer bulk cannabis seeds in California. Our seeds are guaranteed prime grade as these have come from our trusted and carefully screened partner seed banks and breeders internationally. 

Is it Legal to Purchase Bulk Marijuana Seeds in California?

As with other states around the USA, it is legal to purchase seeds, the only difference is that some states do not allow the cultivation of these seeds while other states allow its cultivation as long as certain guidelines and proper registration is done. Although it is legal to buy marijuana seeds in California, not all parts of California have them available. The best alternative to this is to order online. There are a multitude of sellers and you could also find a great line-up of available seeds offered on the internet.

The legal age limit to use, possess and consume marijuana and its products is 21 years old and above. Possession is allowable up to 28.35 grams, anything over this will result in being charged with either a misdemeanor offense along with some jail time. This depends on the amount possessed when caught. For Commercial growers, the six (6) pot policy does not apply, as stated above the long process of registration, background checking and public hearings must be done before screening and approval. Thus a potential cannabis grower may buy weed seeds in California.

It has always been a good marketing practice to make purchases in bulk for businesses wanting to have good profits. This lowers the cost of doing business, as the grower can negotiate to get a lower charge compared to the prevailing retail price. The larger quantity one intends to purchase gives him more leverage to negotiate for a lower price. Another advantage of buying in bulk is the guarantee the buyer has concerning the consistency and quality of the product he purchased. Since it is ordered in bulk, the product comes from one source, thus consistency-wise this is very advantageous. This general rule of thumb is also applicable in the purchase of bulk marijuana seeds in California. Weed suppliers usually heed the request of buyers for discounts made for bulk orders as this establishes a deeper business relationship with both.

We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds make it a mission to serve our regular and potential customers and provide them quality service. We make it a point that they get premium satisfaction when making transactions with us. Our two-pronged thrust focuses on providing reasonable prices for every grower and at the same time ensures the finest quality of cannabis seeds is readily available anytime. 

How to Buy Wholesale Cannabis Seeds in California?

We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds always have high-quality seed stocks readily available at any given time. We guarantee that our seeds are of the best quality as we have built a deep relationship with all our partner breeders as they have repeatedly supplied us with the type of seeds every individual or commercial grower needs and expects. We then promote these products to our clientele without hesitation knowing we are supplying them with top-quality cannabis seeds. To buy bulk weed seeds in California is allowed but we at Bulk Marijuana Seeds will arrange a discreet delivery for residents interested to purchase.

When you buy cannabis seeds in California, it is recommended to purchase their bulk as this is the logical choice if you are looking to save on operating expenses, especially if you are a commercial grower seeking profit gains. Obtaining bulk marijuana seeds in California assures the buyer that there is product consistency in the items they purchased.

Should I Buy Bulk Marijuana Seeds in California?

The answer to this is YES, as California already has legalized the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis. If one were to buy weed seeds in California, bulk purchases are the safest way to go. It is always the logical choice to make when making a purchase, especially if one intends to grow it on a medium to large-scale basis. This gives you savings for your money and an assurance that the transaction will all display the same qualities when grown since they all come from the same source.

We at Bulk Marijuana seeds will always ensure that we will not only provide you, our valued customer, the best strain quality but will maintain the consistency and potency associated with your ordered strain. For an almost endless possibility of available top-notch marijuana strains, we invite you, our partner, to browse through our seed library and make the best decision in your marijuana growing adventure by choosing Bulk Marijuana Seeds.