Marijuana use and possession in Arkansas are illegal. Attempts to legalize adult-use marijuana have been blocked and failed. However medical marijuana use has been legal since 2016. this applies to patients with qualifying conditions and has their doctors written approval with them. Concerning growing and cultivating weed, a license and a performance bond will set you back quite a bit. Since it is legal to grow, it is, therefore, legal to buy bulk cannabis seeds in Arkansas. Residents can now order bulk cannabis seeds in Arkansas online.

Since there is no specific law that limits the number of plants one is allowed to grow, it is still wise to be discreet about it especially if you are a home grower. 

Discreetly, you may grow your cannabis at home as long as all the precautionary measures of trying to hide the aroma emitted by the plant are in place. For the novice grower, one may start by buying bulk cannabis seeds in Alabama. It is best to go online and you may buy bulk marijuana seeds in Alabama.ay start with ordering bulk marijuana seeds in Arkansas, more discreet and economically important since when buying in bulk, one gets a discount on the prices which are relatively cheaper than retail buying. 

We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds are focused on providing all our customers the satisfaction of getting the best deals we could offer. We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds offer marijuana seeds at a lower cost. This means that the customer is getting a valuable deal with savings on costs. We offer bulk cannabis seeds in Alabama. For growers, this would eventually translate to better profits. Our seeds are guaranteed prime grade as these have come from our trusted and carefully screened partner seed banks and breeders internationally. 

Is it  Legal to Purchase Bulk Marijuana Seeds in Arkansas?

One just cannot purchase marijuana seeds in Arkansas legally. All current dispensaries in Arkansas do not sell marijuana seeds. Even for qualified medical patients, cultivating marijuana seeds in this state is deemed illegal. Although there are no laws clearly defining marijuana cultivation, it is still against the law. However, one can buy cannabis seeds in Arkansas online. The mere possession of seeds is not a criminal offense but the germination and cultivation of these seeds are.

Arkansas has still yet to be clear on its current ban on growing marijuana. Federal law allows the growing of a maximum of 4 pots yet the government of Arkansas still has banned cultivating marijuana for everyone.the only way to grow marijuana is by being very discreet. The best way to order weed seeds in Arkansas is by doing it online. Vendors know how to mail it discreetly and stealthily.

If you are planning on purchasing bulk marijuana seeds in Arkansas, you must have a separate grow room ready for this. This must be kept away from public view. Another thing to consider in growing marijuana at home is the scent this plant emits. You could equip your grow room with air vents and fans to let air flow properly and mask the scent. 

It is always sound business practice to always order in bulk. This general marketing rule pertains to all who want to engage in commercial businesses. This lowers one’s operating cost as prices are generally lower compared to retail prices. Another upside to buying in bulk is that one is assured of the consistency and quality of your items since they are all sourced from one single origin. This rule is also applicable to the purchase of bulk cannabis seeds in Arkansas. Weed suppliers usually give bulk order discounts. Since products are packaged as a single item, no individual packaging is necessary thus cutting on packaging expenses. Suppliers also mass produce these seeds making it possible for them to price it at a lower rate than the prevailing retail market prices. 

If someone wants to buy marijuana seeds in Arkansas, there are two discreet options. The First is getting it through an illegal vendor, but this may have some unfavorable repercussions namely being caught by the authorities. Another is that the quality of seeds is suspect as sources of these seeds are unknown and unverifiable. The second option is you can order bulk weed seeds in Arkansas online. Although not all online sellers are legitimate sellers, it is still a safer option to course it online. Choosing a legitimate vendor is always key. it is best to stick with those sellers with a reputation of providing great quality seeds with verifiable sources, and a history of good reviews from past and present buyers.

We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds make it a mission to serve our regular and potential customers and provide them quality service. We make it our aim that they get premium satisfaction when making transactions. Our two-pronged thrust focuses on providing reasonable prices for every grower and at the same time ensures the finest quality of cannabis seeds is readily available anytime. 

How to Buy Wholesale Cannabis Seeds in Arkansas?

We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds are always stocked with a consistent number of products available at any given time. We guarantee that our seeds are of the best quality. We have built a deep bond with all our partner breeders as they have continuously supplied us with the type of seeds every individual or commercial growers needs and expects. We, in turn, distribute these products to our clientele without hesitation knowing we are supplying them with top quality cannabis seeds. To buy bulk weed seeds in Arkansas is still not allowed but we at Bulk Marijuana Seeds will arrange a discreet delivery for residents interested to purchase.

When you buy bulk cannabis seeds in Arkansas, it is recommended to purchase it bulk as this is the logical choice if you are looking to save on operating expenses, especially if you are a commercial grower seeking profit gains. Obtaining bulk weed seeds in Aransas makes the chances that the product consistency is similar to these are sourced from one origin.

Our Best Selling Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Haze Xtreme

The Haze Xtreme marijuana strain gives a cerebral and energetic high. This leaves the user wide awake and very functional. It is ideal for creative discussions with peers and office mates. Its effect gives the user a mind and whole-body high. The high energy is countered by a complete calmness that makes the whole body buzzing all over. This Sativa dominant hybrid can be applied to medical cannabis patients also. Its uplifting characteristics are a great alternative to treat patients suffering from mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and stress-related illnesses.

This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Haze Xtreme strain favors warm, gentle, and sunny weather. A lot of patience is needed in growing this plant as it is a  notoriously slow grower. This plant is resistant to a lot of pests and molds. Its olive-green buds coupled with the orange trichomes that cover it are as classic as it gets. THC content is at a moderate 15% to 18%.

Lemon Pie

The Lemon Pie marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid created by the famous rapper Snoop Dogg through his cannabis company named Leafs by Snoop. Its effect makes the user creative and very energetic, making it a go-to strain to perk up your day. The Lemon pie marijuana strain delivers an invigorating buzz throughout the body, and this high is almost instantly felt. Two or three puffs of this weed instantly reinvigorate the user giving him a positive mindset. This strain is highly touted as a medicinal option for chronic pain, migraines, and mood swings. It also addresses disorders brought about by anxiety and stress due to its uplifting properties.

Thought to be an easy strain to cultivate, it prefers indoor setups where temperatures and humidity levels may be controlled. This sturdy plant is highly resistant to mold. Constant trimming will allow the plant to branch out and give more bud space to grow through its new branches. one thing to note when growing this strain is not to expose it to high humidity as this plant does not grow well under this condition. THC content is 22%.

Moby Dick

The Moby Dick marijuana strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that packs a wallop bringing out a burst of energy and an elated buzzing high. This weed can hit the user fast. The sudden burst of energy felt by the user is coupled with a relaxing and elated feeling. The Moby dick is one of the strongest Sativa marijuana strains available making it a much sought after strain by both recreational and medicinal users. It is used to treat patients suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, and bipolar illnesses, due to its highly elating properties. It promotes positive vibes for the user, setting aside negative thoughts that may be in the mind of the patient. On the physical spectrum of treatment, due to the tranquilizing effects brought about by this strain, disorders such as muscle spasms, pain, chronic fatigue, and arthritis are temporarily treated.

Cultivating the moby dick is quite easy. It has a high resistance to diseases and molds. This tall growing strain requires a big enough open space for it to flourish and not remain stunted thus it is highly recommended to grow this plant outdoors. a warm and sunny outdoor setting is most favored by this plant as they require a lot of sunlight to optimally thrive. THC content is 27%. 

Original Skunk

This sour and earthy tasting strain is known for its sedative high. The Original skunk combines both a mind and body high. A deep relaxation which soothes the whole body puts the user into a dreamy euphoria. A simultaneous effect of being motivated and cerebrally enhanced makes this strain great for creative tasks. Used as a daytime cure for medical cannabis users suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress due to its euphoric, elated feeling. Physical disorders such as chronic pain, migraines, and fatigue are some disorders this strain treats due to its highly relaxing and calming properties which relieve the patient from these aches. 

The Original skunk is an Indica-dominant hybrid developed in the Netherlands, thus it prefers cold climates for it to properly grow and produce relatively great buds. The grower must watch out for mold build up in this plant as this is very susceptible during the later part of its growth cycle. THC content is 17%.


  This pure indica marijuana strain is renowned for its potency. It emits a deep body high and intense relaxation. Appetite stimulation has also been reported as an effect given by this strain. Its heavy couch locking properties and sleepiness makes it a nighttime type of strain. Its medicinal properties tend to be on the sedative side and usually used to treat disorders such as PTSD and anxiety. The high relaxing body calm also is used to treat chronic pains and aches. The high of afghani is not instantaneous but creeping. Like a wave slowly rolling along your body with a slight buzz initially, clearly aware of your surroundings then the weighty whole body bliss is felt. locking your body into a state of almost immobile yet soothing feeling.

Growing the Afghani strain is good indoors since it is a short and bushy plant and does not grow more than 4 feet tall. Its flowering starts in the 8th week and is harvestable by four months. This strain is typically heavy in resin production thus making it a favorite for making hash. Its THC content is between 15% to 20%.