Super Silver Haze CBD is a legendary Sativa-dominant that is CBD enriched and more likely to be the most famed one of its kind. This hybrid has less psychoactive upshot on the user due to its high CBD ratio compared to its inheritance, Super Silver Haze. The creation of this aromatic strain was to build medicinal cannabis extracts that provide an uplifting and mild effect on users.

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What is Super Silver Haze CBD?

Super Silver Haze CBD is an Amsterdam cannabis variation. This innovative strain has a 70% Sativa and 30% Indica hybrid that contains an equal 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD that measures an average of  8–14%. Additionally, it is also workable for patent phenos to produce a higher portion of CBD.

Super Silver Haze CBD genetics was a crossbreed from Skunk, Northern Lights, Haze, and a nominated high CBD parent hybrid. Primarily, these strains provide uplifting energy at the same time, boosting a rich body high and subtle euphoria. It is also a potential medicinal cannabis strain that can alleviate minor body pains, inflammation, and other stress-related conditions. 

Super Silver Haze CBD Growing Information

Super Silver Haze CBD seeds can successfully grow indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses. It may not be for new growers as it may need a lot of attention to cultivating this cannabis. You can plant them on soil, hydro, or other techniques to achieve enormous yields. Super Silver Haze CBD grow time will be approximately around 9 to 11 weeks but still varies depending on the growing medium and cultivation technique. Super Silver Haze CBD review shows that most growers recommend giving this cannabis with some plant protectors and ample nutrients from marijuana fertilizers. These enhancers will grant growers to pull off a very tough and hefty plant with charming long leaves and thick resinous buds. 

Growing Information for Indoor 

Growing Super Silver Haze CBD marijuana seeds indoors can be ideal for both Screen of Green and Low-Stress Training techniques for its long branches. It will utilize and teach them an oblique trellis system so that every bud site can grow into an equally large cola as they all stretch upright. It can produce a humongous yield of 500 to 800 grams per square meter and will flower roughly around 10 or 11 weeks.

Growing Information for Outdoor

In outdoor settings, Super Silver Haze CBD cannabis seeds are capable of thriving in a vast range of climates from temperate through Mediterranean-like to tropical. Cannabis plants can yield up to 1000 grams that is equivalent to a kilo per plant. Expect a harvest by mid-October, mostly in the northern part of Europe. 

Medical Benefits of Super Silver Haze CBD

Super Silver Haze CBD is a subtle yet potent medicinal cannabis with an obscure gentle effect from its THC content. These CBD-rich hybrids are perfect for treating illnesses such as various physical and mental pain associated with inflammation and anxiety. Furthermore, it vanishes away tension, stress, or depression that will eventually change your point of view with its mood-altering properties. It will give users a light cerebral kick that clears their head from worrying and turn them into happy thoughts that will eventually mold them into a euphoric state. Super Silver Haze CBD cannabis strains can be effective anesthesia to most cannabis-dependent patients. Inflammations will subside while helping ease those various body pains that come along with it, leading you into a relaxed full-body experience.

Negative side effects from this strain are very common and expected to be mild. Users may get dizzy at some point during the peak of the high. Hydrating before, during, and after the high will keep you away from dry eyes and cottonmouths as well. 

Super Silver Haze CBD Effects, Taste, and Aroma 

Super Silver Haze CBD effects can be a creeper that offers a soothing and mild psychedelic effect compared to its potent parent Super Silver Haze. Predominantly, it provides calmness combined with a relaxing warmth. It may be subtle, but it can also turn users to have clear thoughts and be inspired to do well. This all-day strain will alert all senses but is not too overwhelming that simultaneously gives off a mild uplifting mood with a mellow high.

Super Silver Haze CBD marijuana strains are one of the most aromatic hybrids in the market with a slow refreshing wake-up call. Its scent is a combination of sweet and sour hints with a skunk aroma that spells out its rich hybrid feel. When smoked, it gives off a herbal-like yet spicy hints taste. It also has a lenient, earthy outcome, combined with citrus lemon notes that’s noticeable with each puff. This lime tang may stay on your palate at the end of each smoke.

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Final Thoughts 

Super Silver Haze CBD is a light cerebral Sativa-leaning strain with aromatic traits that provides a soothing and uplifting high that will eventually turn into a euphoria. It is an all-day smoke that has mellow effects that rush over your senses after enjoying this creeper. If you are glazing upon a Sativa-dominant hybrid that offers a subtle uplifting experience, then the Super Silver Haze CBD weed strains are for you. It will give you a calmness that inspires you to do well and alleviates various pains with its sedative properties. At Bulk Marijuana Seeds, you rest assured that what you are getting are high-quality Super Silver Haze CBD seeds at an affordable cheap bulk price and are always available for you to enjoy!

Super Silver Haze CBD Profile

strain-genetics  Strain Genetics  Skunk x Northern Lights x Haze x CBD Strain
strains-dominant  Strain Dominant  70% Sativa / 30% Indica
thc-content  THC Content  8 to 14%
cbd-content  CBD Content  Same level with its THC content
flowering-time  Flowering Time  10 to 12 weeks
flowering-type  Flowering Type  Photoperiod
strain-sex  Strain Sex  Can be male or female
yield  Yield  500 to 800 grams per square meter indoors / 1000 grams per plant outdoors
taste-flavor  Taste / Flavor  Sour, Sweet, Skunk, Citrus, Sour, Lemon, Herbal
effects  Effects  Mellow, Euphoric, Uplifted, Relaxing, Soothing, Light Cerebral, Cottonmouth, Dry Eyes, Dizziness
may-relieve  May Relieve  Pains, Inflammations, Stress, Depression, Tension
best-to-grow  Best to Grow  Indoor / Outdoor