The Ghost Train Haze is a fantastic combination of Ghost OG and Trainwreck, which resulted in a Sativa-dominant hybrid that offers mood-boosting substantial effects. This marijuana strain emits an intensely sweet and citrus taste that users will appreciate. The Ghost Train Haze feminized contains a very high THC level of 27-30% and a CBD level of 0.2% that offer very potent effects to the consumer. This marijuana strain is not recommended for novice users as this could induce severe drawbacks.

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What is Ghost Train Haze Strain?

The Ghost Train Haze Feminized strain is one of the most robust marijuana strains in the market due to its elevated THC content level of 27-30%. It is a Sativa-dominant strain that descended from the Trainwreck and Ghost OG strains. This marijuana strain can also treat numerous health issues. This Ghost Train Haze can offer an energizing, uplifting, motivating, and relaxing buzz. It also contains a delicious taste of sweet and spicy flavors with a touch of woody hint. However, this marijuana strain can trigger some unpleasant effects that most growers won’t effects. So, experts have suggested consuming this marijuana strain in moderation.

When growing this Ghost Train Haze feminized plant, growers must know growing marijuana because this feminized strain is not an easy plant to cultivate. Yet, it could offer the growers large yields both indoors and outdoors development.

Ghost Train Haze Feminized Growing Information

This Grow Ghost Train Haze Feminized is a great choice to cultivate for medical marijuana patients due to the great advantage for medical purposes. This marijuana plant is not an easy plant to develop, and it could also take time around 9-10 weeks to complete flowering. A small area or space could be an issue as this marijuana plant can grow tall. It develops a light green nug coated in orange hair and shiny trichomes, producing large yields both indoors or outdoors.

Growing information for Indoor

When growing Ghost Train Haze feminized indoors, the temperature must be between 20-22°C. However, you can also utilize a SCROG method to control the height development and quality of these plants. This plant may need the growers’ attention and cared to grow this marijuana plant effectively. This marijuana plant can generate 400 to 600 g/m2 if developed indoors.

Growing information for Outdoor

If you plant this Ghost Train Haze Feminized marijuana plant outdoors, it prefers to be in a warm, sunny, dry, and Midetternean-like climate where it could have a lot of sunlight and grow freely; as this marijuana plant can develop tall. However, it requires trimming and pruning when growing outdoors to manage the development of the height. It is a high-yielding marijuana plant and can 500 to 700 grams of fresh buds per plant when grown outdoors.

Medical Benefits of Ghost Train Haze

Many medical marijuana patients had used this Ghost Train Haze because of its elevated THC level, which can treat many health issues, either physically or mentally. If you consume a small or mild amount of this marijuana strain, it can treat the stress and exhaustion you’re feeling. It can also alleviate depression, ADHD, and anxiety as this strain can stimulate your mind. The physical effects can also benefit those who suffer from back pain, joint pain, muscle spasms, arthritis, headaches, and glaucoma. This Ghost Train Haze Feminized strain can make you feel better as this can also offer a relaxing effect.

Ghost Train Haze Effects, Taste, and Aroma

Due to its potent THC level, the Ghost Train Haze Feminized effects are powerful and could instantly set in with just a few hits. It can trigger a mild psychedelic buzz that could make the consumers exhilarated, energized, euphoric, happy, and motivated, yet it doesn’t overpower.

The Ghost Train Haze Feminized also contains a strong scent of sweet and spicy flavors and aromas with a hint of woody textures. It can be more robust if you burn or started smoking this marijuana plant which the taste could linger on your palate.

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Final Thoughts

The Ghost Train Haze Feminized is a very potent hybrid strain. It contains a very high THC level that can knock you out, yet it can treat various ailments either physically or mentally. However, consumers must use this strain in moderation to avoid unpleasant effects. Purchase this Ghost Train Haze Feminized and enjoy growing these marijuana seeds!

Ghost Train Haze Feminized Profile

strain-genetics  Strain Genetics  Ghost OG x Neville’s Wreck
strains-dominant  Strain Dominant  Sativa-dominant
thc-content  THC Content  27 – 30%
cbd-content  CBD Content  0.2%
flowering-time  Flowering Time  9 to 11 Weeks
flowering-type  Flowering Type  Photoperiod
strain-sex  Strain Sex  Feminized
yield  Yield  400-600g/m2 Indoors / 500-700g/plant Outdoors
taste-flavor  Taste / Flavor  Sweet, Spicy, Woody
effects  Effects  Focused, Energizing, Happy, Euphoric, Creative
may-relieve  May Relieve  Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Fatigue
best-to-grow  Best to Grow  Indoor / Outdoor