The White Russian Fast Version Strain is a quick-hitting strain that gives the user ahead rush high. It can deliver rejuvenated energy then mellows into a deeply tranquil state. The mood uplifting qualities make it a perfect way to start your day coupled with that boost of energy. This makes it a perfect weed when you’re in one of those days when the body and mind need that little push to get you going.  Developed Serious seeds of Amsterdam, the White Russian Fast Version strain genetics is a hybrid crossing the very potent and famous strains White Widow and AK 47.

The worldwide popularity of the White Russian fast version strains has become so popular that users around the world have been constantly searching for this weed. Its almost immediate effect attacks the user’s visual outlook. Creating sights and sounds of psychedelic images. Creating a colorful hallucinated world around him. The user’s imagination explodes with thoughts making it a kaleidoscopic weed that users enjoy. This unexpected salvo of energy will eventually mellow down to a light whole-body stone.

The White Russian Fast Version review had great responses among its global users one can’t help but be in awe as this is the Fast version of the strain that won the High Times Cup in 1996.

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What is White Russian Fast Version Strain?

The White Russian Fast Version strains are not those accidentally bred marijuana strains. This was a well-planned and executed strain. The product of breeding the potent AK 47 strain with the White Widow. Over the years this strain has been consistently ranked as one of the best weeds in the world.

Having a perfect ratio of 50-50 Sativa and Indica, At the onset, the high is a head rush. This makes the user disoriented at first then active energy floods the whole body which keeps the user motivated. By now everything is clear and that initial disoriented feeling is gone. The effect of this weed will make the user want to work all day long.

The White Russian Fast Version strain THC level is at 19% which is lower than its parent, the White Widow. This marijuana strain is yet strong enough to make users feel euphoric and relaxed. Its cerebral qualities motivate users to go into doing creative work. 

White Russian Fast Version Strains Growing Information

The White Russian marijuana strain is easy to grow. It can hold its own against sudden changes in climate and humidity. This weed can be grown either outdoors or indoors. They are very resistant to disease, mold, and pests, making this weed resilient. White Russian cannabis strains prefer warm, dry, and sunny surroundings where they can grow quickly. 

The looks of the White Russian cannabis strains are short and stocky. This horizontal growth is very good for bud production as this allows more bud growing space. Good air circulation and lighting that penetrate the hidden buds are also needed for your weed to be healthy and productive. The White Russian Fast Version strain grow time is about 6 to 8 weeks. Once the familiar cannabis aroma is noticeably present, buds are starting to grow. 

Growing information for Indoor

Growing the White Russian Fast Version indoors is easy to moderate. They are resilient plants and can easily adapt to cold and high humidity surroundings. But for them to grow well, they prefer a warm and sunny climate. Indoors, their height is about 60 to 90 cm, and usually flowers in 6 to 8 weeks. The average yield for growing this indoor is about 450-550 grams per square meter. As the nugs start to ripen, a strong citrusy, earthy scent will cover the whole grow room. 

Growing information for Outdoor

Like we mentioned, this tough plant is resilient to molds, pests, and diseases, making it a perfect plant for outdoor growing. They will grow to about 80 to 110 cm in height and yield approximately 550 to 800 grams per square meter. Mediterranean climate is best for this plant to thrive and be productive.

Medical Benefits of White Russian Fast Version

The White Russian strains are used primarily by medical cannabis patients as an alternative treatment for ADHD, just like its parent plant the White Widow. Its strong motivational qualities and extremely focusing effect make this medical cannabis an often sought after weed by patients suffering from numerous mental disorders. Patients suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety also look at using the White Russian Fast Version marijuana strain to help them forget their problems in real life. This helps their mind get over these negative thoughts. The uplifting effect of this strain makes it sought after weed any cynical thoughts leading to stress and depression are temporarily shelved and what pervades is a happy, psychedelic high.

As for physical disorders, the white Russian fast version weed treats chronic pain, migraines, and joint pains. The relief it brings makes it a weed that a lot of medical cannabis patients seek all the time. This marijuana strain puts the medical cannabis patient into a serene and deeply relaxed state but it does not cause any drowsiness. This temporary relief from pain is very welcome for those that are suffering these aches.

White Rusian Fast Version Strain Effects, Taste, and Aroma

The White Russian fast version strain effects hit instantaneously.  The user initially gets disoriented with his surroundings and his mood experiences a change when he suddenly feels invigorated and uplifted. It induces a cerebral high that makes the users think creative thoughts and want to keep on working. 

White Russian fast version cannabis strains have an aroma that may remind you of a damp forest smelling some earthy and pine-scented tones. The smell of oak and earth is coupled with sweet citrusy scents surrounding the air when smoking this weed. 

Flavorwise, what you smell is what you should expect to taste. Piney, earthy, and hints of citrus will linger in your mouth as soon as this is smoked. But don’t be turned off by these descriptions as it is pleasant tasting when inhaled as the smooth citrusy flavor gives traces of sweetness.

Similar Strains 

Final Thoughts

The White Russian cannabis strains are a hit among all recreational and medicinal cannabis users. Its acceptance worldwide resulted in making it win the High Times cannabis cup in 1996. The balance of Indica and Sativa makes this weed a versatile strain where users usually feel happy and at the same time focused. It also creates energy-boosting alertness that makes the user on his toes searching for some sort of activity all the time. This boosts energy in both physical and mental thus making it a great complement to any work-related activity. Being able to focus and pay attention to details makes this a great alternative to cure patients with Attention deficit disorders. With Bulk Marijuana Seeds you are assured that what you are getting is White Russian Fast Version marijuana seeds of the highest quality. Wholesale White Russian Fast Version cannabis seeds are always available for you to enjoy! 

White Russian Fast Version Strain Profile

strain-genetics  Strain Genetics  AK47 x White Widow
strains-dominant  Strain Dominant  50% Indica and 50% Sativa
thc-content  THC Content  19%
cbd-content  CBD Content  Less than 0.5%
flowering-time  Flowering Time  6 to 8 weeks
flowering-type  Flowering Type  Photoperiod (Fast Version)
strain-sex  Strain Sex  Can be male or female
yield  Yield  550 grams per square meter indoors and 600 grams per square meter  outdoor
taste-flavor  Taste / Flavor  Citrus, sweet, lemon, earthy
effects  Effects  Creative, Sleepy, and Relaxed
may-relieve  May Relieve  Stress, Depression  Anxiety, Chronic Pain, and Nausea
best-to-grow  Best to Grow  Indoor / Outdoor