The White Fire OG is an energy-boosting weed. This energy is coupled with a mental focus which makes for great creative thinking. The cerebral effect of this white fire OG cannabis strains makes it a morning weed to get your day going. The user’s mind goes off with creative and focused energy

The White Fire OG strains is a high-yielding weed that is a powerful hybrid not suited for beginners. The white fire OG strain THC level is at a staggering average of  24%. It could even go up as high as 28%. 

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What is White Fire OG?

The White Fire OG strain THC level is a popular strain for both medical and recreational cannabis users. It is a hybrid that is Indica-dominant (60:40). It was bred in the early 2000s by unknown sources but it quickly gained a reputation as a unique looking strain and its high potency. The white fire strain genetics is made up of a cross between The White and Fire OG. making it a high THC content strain. Its barrel-like buds are tightly packed fully covered with white-like crystals. This strain is also known for its nickname WIFI OG. The White Fire OG weed strains are ideal for social and creative events as this keeps the body and mind constantly moving while being in a very relaxed state. Its effects do not make one feel drowsy.

White Fire OG Strains Growing Information

The White Fire OG can be grown both indoors and outdoors. This strain likes warm day temperatures of approximately 70-85F. Although this strain likes growing in slightly acidic soil, it is still best to keep the pH level on the lower side of the neutral pH range. (6-6.8)

If not trimmed properly the White Fire OG will grow tall and lanky. It is best to keep on topping the plant to maintain its shrubby appearance and promote more bud growth. Also, make sure that humidity levels are on the low side as the WIFI OG is susceptible to bud rot. This is when there is too much water vapor in the air causing the buds to form molds and start rotting away.

A lot of growers cultivate this strain in a greenhouse as they get the light from natural sources yet humidity and temperatures are controlled. This way they maximize yield output.

Growing information for Indoor

Growing the White Fire OG indoors is a good option for anyone who intends to cultivate this weed. Controlling the warmth of the room, adjusting humidity level to optimal conditions, and giving them ample amounts of light will induce the plant to grow healthier. The white fire OG strain seeds produce around 21 ounces of bud per square meter for indoor growing. The White Fire OG strain grow time takes around 9 to 10 weeks to flower and become ready for a great harvest.

Growing information for Outdoor

A bountiful harvest awaits you if this weed is grown outdoors. It is ready for harvest by October and produces 18 ounces of bud per plant. This plant likes to grow tall and lanky, thus giving a lot of growing space is needed for this plant to thrive. You will need to trim the tops of this plant during its vegetative stage to help in the bushy structure of the plant. This bushy-like structure will promote more bud growth. This strain produces 18 ounces of bud per plant

Medical Benefits of White Fire OG Fast Version Strains

The medicinal benefits of the WIFI OG can be both physical and mental. Mood-related conditions are treated using this strain. Due to its energy-enhancing capabilities, the White Fire OG strain effects uplift the user’s outlook and disposition making a great strain to treat anxiety, depression, and stress-related tensions that disables a patient’s ability to act purposively. The positive mental attitude the patient gains from smoking this weed makes his anxieties and depression wither away although temporary. Insomniacs are also known to use this weed as it allows the body to be in a calm, relaxed state, freeing his mind from any worries, thus giving him good rest.

The physical disorders which the WIFI OG attempts to ease are mild pains such as headaches, minor joint pains, and backaches. The deeply relaxing properties of this strain relieve these minor pains and make the cannabis patient temporarily enjoy his pain-free state. The White Fire OG review for treating various medical conditions makes it a popular choice as a great option in the medical cannabis community.

White Fire OG Strain Effects, Taste, and Aroma

The White Fire OG gives you a total mental high where the user is usually sent to a happy place. This joyous feeling makes the mood of the user uplifted, creating a feeling of contentment. This weed, in its attempt to keep the user’s mind in a joyous state, simultaneously boosts their energy making them want to complete creative or simple tasks. It also cultivates spontaneous giggles from its user. The all-around cerebral effects bring only positive notes to whoever uses it. As the weed high lasts a complete feeling of enchanted calmness envelopes the body. This time, positive thought races throughout your mind and lets go of things that weigh down on you.

One must not be put off by the descriptions saying that the White Fire OG smells a lot like Diesel. In truth, there is that hint of diesel but paired with the scent of fresh pine and peppers. This strain produces a very pleasant yet strong aroma and once smoked inside a room, its scent lingers inside the room long after you have gone. As for its flavor, it tastes the same way it smells. Although not offensive, the taste of this strain will stick to the insides of your mouth when lit. The flavor of sweet earthy pine removes that pungent diesel aftertaste.

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Final Thoughts

The White Fire OG cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant strain that gives an immediate effect of headrush inducing upliftment and energy-boosting creative high. It slowly becomes a whole-body buzzing hit that makes the user completely relaxed but not drowsy. It’s a get-go kind of weed that is a great weed to start your day because of the energy-boosting and uplifting properties. Stress, depression, and anxieties are treated using this strain due to its calming and uplifting effects. Minor pains are also relieved since this weed induces a calming and relaxing state. With Bulk Marijuana Seeds you are assured that what you are getting is White Fire OG Cannabis seeds of the highest quality. Wholesale White Fire OG Marijuana seeds are always available for you to enjoy! 

White Fire OG Profile

strain-genetics  Strain Genetics  The White and Fire OG
strains-dominant  Strain Dominant  60% Indica and 40% Sativa
thc-content  THC Content  24%
cbd-content  CBD Content  0.3%
flowering-time  Flowering Time  10-12 weeks indoor and late October to mid-November outdoors
flowering-type  Flowering Type  Photoperiod (Fast Version)
strain-sex  Strain Sex  Can be male or female
yield  Yield  Ounces per square meter indoors and 18 ounces or more per plant
taste-flavor  Taste / Flavor  Diesel, Pine, Peppers
effects  Effects  Uplifting, Alert, Relaxed
may-relieve  May Relieve  Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Pain, and Fatigue
best-to-grow  Best to Grow  Indoor / Outdoor