Wembley Feminized Strain is a hybrid crossed with AK 47 and Bubble Gum that is Indica dominant. It tastes like delicious sweet bubble gum with earthy undertones. It gives you a long-lasting cerebral high that makes you feel focused and energized. This strain creates a body-relaxing effect after a while, making it a great way to end the day.

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What is Wembley Feminized?

Wembley feminized marijuana’s THC output is extremely high, at 23 percent, with just 0.9 percent CBD. The effect is uplifting and long-lasting, with a fun calming component. It’s the ideal way to spend your free time. This marijuana strain has traits in common with both of its parents, including potency, long-lasting effects, and tasty flavors. Thanks to the combination of its biology, it creates delightful flavors and scents that are sweet and pleasingly tropical. The potency and long-lasting effects of this herb will satisfy and impress both seasoned and inexperienced marijuana users, even the most sensitive.

Wembley Feminized Growing Information

Wembley is a solid, and big buds with tight nugs and sticky resin cover the female strain’s medium-sized buds. Since it is a feminized variety, it has a much shorter flowering period of just 8 to 9 weeks. This variety produces a lot of resin, which breeders appreciate.

Growing Information for Indoor

When grown indoors, Wembley grows to be a medium-sized plant, reaching a height of 75 to 150 cm. Under 600 watt lighting, this 80 percent indica strain can produce yields of 500 – 600 grams in a short flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks.

Growing Information for Outdoor

When planted directly in the field outdoors, it does become a larger possibility, with plants reaching a height of 220 cm. Outdoor production can be abundant, with harvests ranging from 300 to 1500 grams per plant recorded during September. The leaves and buds are a light green color, and the thick, resinous buds are pyramid-shaped, as expected.

Medical Benefits of Wembley Feminized

Wembley feminized is a strain for patients suffering from PTSD, depression, and other related disorders because it can instantly raise their spirits and clear their minds of negative thoughts. Patients who have difficulty concentrating will benefit from this strain, as it will help them concentrate and be more creative. Furthermore, this strain has a full-body numbing effect that can be used as an anti-inflammatory, pain-reliever, and sleep-inducing option for patients with insomnia, chronic pain, muscle spasms, glaucoma, and other similar conditions.

Wembley Feminized Effects, Taste, and Aroma

Wembley feminized is a tropical-scented strain with traces of pine on the exhale and a sweet bubble gum flavor. It creates a long-lasting mental buzz that can help you start your day with positivity. It provides you with the attention you need to be both creative and inspired. When consumed in large amounts, this strain will cause a state of total relaxation that can eventually knock you out. It’s an excellent strain for staying productive while still rewarding yourself with a good night’s sleep.

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Final Thoughts

Wembley feminized strain is one of your options if you want to try a marijuana variety you’ve never had before. It will not only provide you with a euphoric high with delicious flavors, but it will also assist you in overcoming or alleviating whatever you are feeling. At Bulk Marijuana Seeds, we assure you that you get high-quality Wembley feminized seeds at an affordable cheap wholesale price and are always available for you to enjoy.

Wembley Feminized Profile

strain-genetics  Strain Genetics  AK47 x Bubble Gum
strains-dominant  Strain Dominant  Indica dominant
thc-content  THC Content  23%
cbd-content  CBD Content  0.9%
flowering-time  Flowering Time  8 to 9 weeks 
flowering-type  Flowering Type  Photoperiod
strain-sex  Strain Sex  Feminized
yield  Yield  500 – 600 gr/m2 indoors / 300 – 1500 gr/plant outdoors
taste-flavor  Taste / Flavor  Bubblegum, and Tropical
effects  Effects  Long-lasting, Relaxing, Strong, and Uplifting
may-relieve  May Relieve  Depression, Stress, Insomnia, Fatigue, Pain
best-to-grow  Best to Grow  Indoor and Outdoor