Sugar Kush is an absolute Indica having 100% consistency of its breed. This strain is not so popular to the medical community for its crystal sugar appearance that is characterized by emerald green nugs and sticky resin. The high that you experience with smoking Sugar Kush weed has detailed as one that stimulates cognitive thinking and leads you to a couch-locking experience. The effects are usually perceived behind the eyes and in the temples simultaneously before escalating throughout the body.

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What is Sugar Kush Strain?

Sugar Kush genetics was worked upon by cross-breeding three legendary strains, Hash Plant, Kandy Kush, and Northern Lights #1. They swell out a high that is both stimulating and relaxing. This sweet-smelling strain has become a weed favorite by most smokers for many good reasons. Sugar Kush THC level approximately averages from 18-20% and with almost 1% of CBD content. Being a classic Kush strain that lets someone have a snug-like, dozing body-high, and eventually leads to mental stimulation. This weed can have some medicinal properties suitable for minor conditions, or you want to flatter unconsciousness. Sugar Kush marijuana strains have bulbous, pale green buds with dark brown pistils and a fair covering of resinous trichomes. 

Sugar Kush Growing Information

Sugar Kush seeds flourish both indoors and outdoors and are best for skilled growers, but it will require someone to be an expert one. Having enough experience in growing various strains may help you thrive on good cannabis. Sugar Kush grow time is approximately 8-9 weeks that will be charmed by the crop of dense, resinous buds. Sugar Kush review said that most experienced growers suggest giving this cannabis not just TLC but also some marijuana fertilizers and plant protectors to come up with a durable plant.

Growing Information for Indoor

Growing Sugar Kush marijuana seeds indoors can achieve a fast flowering time of about 55 days. No specific data on yields as it will grow into a beautiful cannabis plant with a generous return in the harvest.

Growing Information for Outdoor

Sugar Kush cannabis seeds can be planted outdoors, but keeping an eye on this cannabis will give you sufficient yields. Though no particular quantity was on data, its production will be average. 

Medical Benefits of Sugar Kush

Sugar Kush uplifting feature can be of great help to many people who often feel a series of persistent stress, depression, and bipolar disorder. Using this strain in moderation will lessen the possibility that irritates some kinds of mood disorders like anxiety and PTSD. 

Sugar Kush cannabis strain provides sufficient potent anesthesia that could be beneficial for patients dealing with chronic aches like muscle spasms. It is also an effective depressant for those who are dealing with anxiety for its relaxing properties. Sugar Kush extreme sedative composure is perfect for insomniacs that could experience a long-lasting relief and will eventually make them fall into a deep sleep. This strain is also ideal for people who have trouble with their appetite, more likely for eating disorders, digestive diseases, and alike.

Negative side effects of this strain are more likely to be mild and handy. Hydrating yourself before, during, and after the smoke will make you avoid dryness of the eyes and mouth. At some point during the high, it will sometimes cause you to be a bit dizzy and some mild headaches.

Sugar Kush Effects, Taste, and Aroma 

Sugar Kush effects will give you snuggly time. These Kush-derived Indica strains have an outstanding flavor and also attribute a warm and bold body high. Connoisseurs consuming this weed will have to hang around a few minutes for the high to kick. But, adequately, a mellow, tingly sensation will become comprehensive. Retreating body pain and stress and restoring with a calming bath of bodily euphoria. Afterward, you might get dope as it overpowers your senses, drowsiness kicks in powerfully, along with a bunch of munchies. This perfect bedtime marijuana will give you the desire for a quick night snack that will eventually pull you to bed. Not for those who like a dynamic weed experience, as this cannabis is extremely only for those who want coziness or meditation. 

Sugar Kush Strains has a typical Kush scent, with distinct earthy tones and a skunky aroma with piney hints. However, its flavor denotes a musk, sweetness like munching on baked goods, generating a very calming overall effect. Smoking this weed could give you full of rich flavors with a little bit of harshness. It also delivers a sweet floral bouquet-like aroma when taking in and tastes like earthy pine with burnt hash flavors when exhaled.

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Final Thoughts 

Sugar Kush Strains is rare cannabis that provides an extreme high that is not too overwhelming for novice smokers. No matter what your tolerance level might be, you’ll appreciate this bud so much. The best nighttime weed, with an evident fruity wrap to intensify its already sugary tang and savor as your after-dinner dessert! This sweet-tasting solid Indica is a sure win to people looking for a snug fit body high, often generating a quick fulfilling doze. If you’re glazing upon an Indica relaxing experience, then the Sugar Kush weed strain is for you. It will give you a superb couch-locking experience perfect for extensive relaxation and relieving pain with its sedative properties. At Bulk Marijuana Seeds, you rest assured that what you are getting are high-quality Sugar Kush weed seeds at an affordable cheap bulk price and are always available for you to enjoy!

Sugar Kush Profile

strain-genetics  Strain Genetics  Hash Plant x Kandy Kush x Northern Lights #1
strains-dominant  Strain Dominant  Pure Indica
thc-content  THC Content  18-20%
cbd-content  CBD Content  Unknown
flowering-time  Flowering Time  8 to 9 weeks
flowering-type  Flowering Type  Photoperiod (Fast Version)
strain-sex  Strain Sex  Can be male or female
yield  Yield  Average production for both indoor and outdoor
taste-flavor  Taste / Flavor  Earthy, Floral, Pine, Skunky, Woody, Hash, Herbal, Spicy, Sweet
effects  Effects  Calming, Euphoria, Relaxing, Hungry, Sleepy, Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizziness
may-relieve  May Relieve  Anxiety, Body Pains, Stress, Depression, Eye Pressure, Headaches, Loss of Appetite, PTSD, Insomnia
best-to-grow  Best to Grow  Indoor / Outdoor