Snow Ripper Feminized is a strain that is relaxing to grow and even more relaxing to smoke. Bred from famed strains, Ginger Ale, Afghani, and a mystery strain that leaves a bit of an enigma to its background. However, one whiff of this strain is enough to tell you its overall quality–and it’s among the best. This stress-reducing cannabis is a treat to Indica-lovers and is pretty quick and easy to grow.

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What is Snow Ripper Feminized?

Snow Ripper Strain Feminized is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has a flair of mystery to its background. This is because Snow Ripper Feminized genetics is the result of crossbreeding Ginger Ale, Afghani, and an unknown hybrid that is kept secret by its makers. The same goes for the strain’s percentage of its Sativa and Indica compositions, which are unknown except the fact that the Indica has an upper hand. Beyond that, this weed doesn’t have anything to hold back. From its unique aroma and flavor, up to its full-blown Indica punch–this strain will show you all that it offers.

Its whopping THC level of 15-22% is especially no secret and has made this strain sought after by seasoned users. One whiff can even penetrate a veteran’s tolerance and induce deep-body relaxation. In addition, this weed offers a pungent, damp earthy scent, and flavor in which connoisseurs find it exceptional and delightful. 

Cultivating Snow Ripper Feminized weed seeds turned out to be very easy even for beginner growers. Besides its robust nature, the cultivation is now made simpler with its now Feminized quality.

Snow Ripper Feminized Growing Information

Snow Ripper Feminized seeds grow into a typical Indica plant which is compact and bushy. They develop large sugar leaves that have bright green hues and yellow pistils. They also produce large nugs that are covered with rich resin, emitting its strong, aromatic earthy scent.

This strain is easy to cultivate whether indoors or outdoors. It has a hardy nature and resilience to mold, pests, and diseases that make it able to thrive on its own without much attention. But to achieve the best harvest, a sunny or temperate climate is recommended. Moreover, Snow Ripper Feminized grow time takes around 8 to 9 weeks to fully mature. By then, It achieves a height reaching up to 180 cm and develops heavy yields that are ripe for harvest.

As a feminized strain, the seeds are now made simpler for growers since they don’t have to worry about having grown some male plants. Novice growers will definitely find this as a breeze to grow and a great starting point to learn cannabis cultivation. 

Growing information for Indoor

This strain can be grown indoors and would require not much space due to its compact size. Cultivating it is straightforward all the growers have to do is simply provide proper hydration and nutrients, together with apt light management. After a short span of 8 to 9 weeks of flowering time, growers can expect a harvest yield between 350 to 450 grams per square meter.

Growing information for Outdoor

Snow Ripper Feminized Strain seeds offer more yields when grown outdoors. Due to its robust and resistant qualities, it can survive without demanding much from the grower. All it needs is ample hydration and access to direct sunlight. Growers can then expect a bountiful harvest around April or October, reaping yields around 600 grams or more per plant.

Medical Benefits of Snow Ripper Feminized

Snow Ripper Feminized cannabis strain is also valuable for therapeutic use. With its immensely uplifting and sedating effects, this strain can aid patients suffering from physical and psychological symptoms.

As an Indica-dominant strain, it has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and muscle-relaxant properties that are effective for arthritis, back pains, muscle spasms, and inflammations. It can also stimulate hunger which might be helpful for those with appetite problems. Patients that are also suffering from fatigue and insomnia will definitely find this effective since its strong sedating effects culminate in a deep comfortable sleep. Meanwhile, Snow Ripper Feminized marijuana strain can also relieve stress and mild anxiety due to its mood-enhancing effects that provide mental clarity and positivity. 

In spite of its medical benefits, this strain still has some unwanted side effects. Generic cannabis effects such as dry eyes and mouth are to be expected and can be prevented as long as the user is hydrated, before and during smoking. However, high dose consumption may potentially induce anxiety, dizziness, and headaches especially with its high THC content. The same risk applies to novice or casual users with low THC tolerance who should best avoid this until they build up some tolerance.

Snow Ripper Feminized Effects, Taste, and Aroma

Snow Ripper Feminized effects are dominated by Indica effects with a subtle head high in the background. Snow Ripper Feminized THC level of 15-22% makes its effects more potent to the mind and body. At the onset, users will get induced with a decent cerebral high that will clear away all stress and worries. This is followed by an uplifted, happy mood that will continue to stick all throughout. But it is after a few moments that this cannabis will reveal its true potential.

An extremely potent Indica high will kick in hard and fast. It will immediately wrap the user’s entire body with a calming sensation. All physical stress, muscle tension, and pain will begin to subside until users reach a state of pure physical bliss. Users should smoke this weed right after work or when they’re done for the day. This is because a couch lock is to be expected as users get overly relaxed and will kind of heavy leaving their spot and do anything else. Besides, users will also encounter a strong urge to eat or also known as “munchies” so preparing some stash of snacks beside them is a great idea. It is also a perfect idea to use it at home or somewhere comfortable and safe since the weed’s intense sedating effects will culminate in a deep and long good night’s sleep. By the time users wake up, expect a refreshed and stress-free morning ahead of them.

As a note, novice cannabis users should be wise to steer clear from this strain due to its extreme potency. Even in small to moderate doses, this strain is still said to be overwhelming and immediately send inexperienced users to deep sleep. 

In terms of aroma, Snow Ripper Feminized weed strain pours out a pungent scent of damp earth and gritty pines with hints of woody tone. The same goes with this strain’s flavor but is more vibrant than its scent. It also now has floral and herbal overtones that  

After a stressful and tiring day, having a go with Snow Ripper Feminized strain will surely be your day’s remedy. Most users of this strain describe the experience as being sent to a damp forest with only the sound of dewdrops and animals around them. Free from stress and all of the worrisome noise of the world. If described in only one word, “tranquility” will sum it all.

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Final Thoughts 

From seed to harvest to smoking Snow Ripper Feminized, it exhibits an overall relaxing experience. This is initially due to its cultivation in which growers, especially the veterans, find the seeds very easy to grow and stress-free from all plant problems such as molds and diseases. Then harvest comes and the strain already emits an aromatic dank forest scent that is soothing to the senses. But it is when this marijuana is consumed that “relaxing” is not enough to describe the sensation it brings. Snow Ripper Feminized reviews are generally positive which is well-deserved.

At Bulk Marijuana Seeds, you are assured that what you are getting is the Snow Ripper Feminized cannabis seeds of the highest quality and are always available for you to enjoy!

Snow Ripper Feminized Profile

strain-genetics  Strain Genetics  Ginger Ale, Afghani, and an unknown Hybrid
strains-dominant  Strain Dominant  Indica
thc-content  THC Content  15-22%
cbd-content  CBD Content  0-1%
flowering-time  Flowering Time  8-9 weeks
flowering-type  Flowering Type  Photoperiod
strain-sex  Strain Sex  Feminized
yield  Yield  350-450 grams per sqm indoors and 600 grams or more per plant outdoors
taste-flavor  Taste / Flavor  Earthy, Pine, Woody, Floral
effects  Effects  Calm, Relaxed, Uplifted, Happy
may-relieve  May Relieve  Stress, Anxiety, Body Pains, Inflammations, Lack of Appetite, Fatigue, Insomnia
best-to-grow  Best to Grow  Indoors and Outdoors