Revolver Strain is an Indica-dominant marijuana strain that is used as an effective medicinal option to treat ailments related to pain. Its sedating and numbing effect make it a wise choice by users to get this strain to relax their body and even calm the mind. This strain is an easy to grow weed making it perfect for starting cultivators, it will even produce high yields which are very rewarding. One of the more versatile cannabis in the market, it appeals to various users and cultivators due to its high-yielding properties and great effects on both the body and mind. This is a much sought-after strain by a lot of marijuana users due to the above factors.

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What is Revolver Strain?

Revolver Cannabis has an 80% Indica and 20% Sativa ratio making it an Indica leaning hybrid Revolver Strain genetics are a cross between NY City Diesel and White Widow cannabis. Created by cannabis breeder Crop King Seeds, Revolver Strain THC level ranges from a modest 12% to 15% and a CBD level of 0.1%. This strain is a cross of NYC Diesel makes it a plant that prefers to be in warm and sunny weather and has developed a resistance to molds and any common diseases. Its strong Indica learning makes this strain a pain relief option and it is said to also treat appetite loss by giving the user the urge to eat a lot. It is a nighttime strain as its heavily intoxicating and sedative potency may make you feel drowsy at times.

Revolver Strain Growing Information

Revolver Strain Autoflower has developed quite a resilience to molds and diseases and this strain prefers to be in a warm, sunny, and humid environment. Revolver Strains are very easy to grow and any noob cultivator will enjoy growing and harvesting this weed as there is not much fuss needed to keep the plant happy and thriving. This will also reward the grower with a modest harvest. This cannabis could be used by any newbie grower to hone his gardening skills and prepare him for more challenging hybrids in the future. Revolver marijuana strains are auto-flowering so they are not dependent on light, making it a great weed to plant indoors. Revolver Strain review shows that this strain is a grower’s favorite due to its easy maintenance and fast-growing characteristics. Revolver Strain marijuana seeds, if germinated the right way will start showing themselves after only 3 to 4 days.

Revolver Strain marijuana seeds have buds that are very compact and dense and the resins will start to show once the plants start to mature. The plant’s physical appearance is a medium height of about 3 to 4 feet. Expect a quick flowering time of about 7 weeks, which is about 2 weeks shorter than other auto-flowering strains. However, yields will be not much. Although these cannabis strain does not need much light exposure, giving them the proper amount of lighting time will induce the plant to produce a much higher THC content. It is recommended to give them a day/night light exposure of 18 hours of light exposure to 6 hours of darkness.

Growing information for indoor

Revolver cannabis strains are well suited for indoor growing as they are an auto-flowering variety that is not much dependent on light exposure and their maximum height is only at 4 feet, so there is not much ceiling restriction for this weed. The advantage of having to grow this indoor is that the grower can control the growing conditions needed by this plant to thrive.  Conditions such as temperature adjustment, lighting schedules, humidity level adjustment, and even nutritional feeding are all controlled to give the plant its maximum needs. As mentioned earlier, Revolver Strain grow time takes only 7 weeks before it starts its flowering stage, and expect yields to be 250 grams indoors.

Growing information for Outdoor

Growing the Revolver Strain outdoors will be very good for this strain if you happen to live in California-like weather, where it is sunny and warm. Giving them the natural conditions where they are used to growing will be very healthy for the plant and will induce them to produce better yields. This auto-flowering strain will be ready to flower in 7 weeks and can produce yields of 150 grams per plant.

Medical Benefits of Revolver Strain

For cannabis lovers looking for a powerful high that will have lasting effects on both the body and mind and ultimately provide the user with relief for body and psychological ailments, this is a great strain to grow as this strain will give you exactly just that. The Sativa in this hybrid will give medical marijuana patients a relaxing and euphoric high, while it will also uplift one’s mood to look at things positively. This strain will be a good option to treat patients suffering from anxiety and stress as the calming properties will untangle those twisted nerves in your body and uplift your mood, washing away any negativity that is bothering the minds of the patient.

The Indica effects will make the medical cannabis patient relax while enjoying his high. The deep relaxation of the patient will be a great cure for those suffering from eating disorders. This weed will make the patients feel hungry all the time, and the urge to eat will assist the patient in his eating disorder. Pain relief is the most indicated reason for patients wanting to try this strain as the calming and sedative characteristics of this strain will relieve the patient from pains such as body aches, muscle spasms, headaches, and joint pains. The patient can freely move about without having to experience difficulty in mobility when he is high on this weed. This of course is for common pain symptoms.

Revolver Strain Effects, Taste, and Aroma

Revolver Strain effects give the user a sense of euphoria that may last hours. The Sativa in this hybrid will also give the users a feeling of utmost upliftment of their mood as this weed is known to keep the user’s spirits high. True to its name, revolver effects feel like being shot by a revolver as the complete sedative feeling one gets when enjoying the cerebral high is unmistakable. A feeling of total relaxation creeps into the user’s body and affects also his mind. A total mind and body relaxation is a great way to destress yourself, and that is exactly what the Revolver cannabis strain offers. This strain should only be taken at night. The high is so calming and tranquil that an overnight rest will give the users a refreshed feeling once they wake up the following day.

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Final Thoughts

Revolver Strain Autoflower is an easy to grow plant that any pant novice may try to test his cultivation skills with. Although not as high-yielding to other hybrid strains, this potent Indica packs a punch when it comes to getting high. It starts with a cerebral high that gives the user a profound feeling of euphoria, then the Indica effects will start to creep in and offer the user a stony high where his whole body will feel a strong but very pleasing body buzz. A feeling of total relaxation will envelop the user’s body and a great feeling of calmness By choosing Bulk Marijuana Seeds, you are guaranteed that you will always be getting cheap but pure high-quality Revolver Strain cannabis seeds if purchased in bulk. Wholesale  Revolver Strain weed seeds are always available for you to enjoy!

Revolver Strain Profile

strain-genetics  Strain Genetics  New York City Diesel and Original White Widow
strains-dominant  Strain Dominant  80% Indica and 20% Sativa
thc-content  THC Content  12% to 15%
cbd-content  CBD Content  0.1%
flowering-time  Flowering Time  7 weeks
flowering-type  Flowering Type  Autoflower
strain-sex  Strain Sex  Can be male or female
yield  Yield  250 grams indoor and 150 grams outdoor
taste-flavor  Taste / Flavor  Earthy, Flowery, Citrus
effects  Effects  Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric, Happy, and Hungry
may-relieve  May Relieve  Stress, Depression, Pain, Insomnia
best-to-grow  Best to Grow  Indoor / Outdoor