Pie Gal Feminized was crossed with two other famous strains, Purple Punch and Jack Herer. Pie Gal is incredibly potent cannabis, with a THC potency of 21%. While its recreational potential is well known, it is also therapeutically viable since the same psychoactive component has various advantages.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Pie Gal Feminized Cannabis Strain?

The strain is very high in terpenes, providing an extremely clean and balanced scent or flavor as you inhale and exhale. The fruit smells delivered by their parents Jack Herer and Purple Punch. It improves mood, induces pleasure, and provides minor pain relief. It does smell like something from the past, like when our mother takes something out of the oven on Sundays.

What are the Medical Benefits of Pie Gal Feminized Cannabis Strain?

Pie Gal Feminized is often used for recreational reasons. After all, many people have assumed this since learning of its psychedelic qualities. Nonetheless, the potent Sativa-leaning strain has its own set of medicinal advantages. For one thing, it’s uplifting high, along with its invigorating body buzz, aids in the management of chronic stress symptoms such as weariness and increased sadness. In effect, it gives a temporary break from worry and self-destructive ideas.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Pie Gal Feminized Cannabis Strain

Cannabis removes moisture from the lips and eyes. As a result, when smoking or consuming Pie Gal Feminized, it is essential to keep a drink handy. Nothing too stimulating, though, as concentrated doses of caffeine do go well with robust Sativa-leaning strains. They can also damage one’s cognitive ability for a short period.

How to Grow Pie Gal Feminized Cannabis Strain

Pie Gal Feminized was born with a Sativa structure. Its slender stems are frequently prone to a variety of illnesses. While the growth procedure might be difficult for novices, the plant can nonetheless be cultivated. Because Pie GAl is such a delicate plant, it is best grown indoors. As a result, aspiring gardeners may maximize the potential of the plant by regulating decisive elements such as lighting, temperature, and humidity.

Pie Gal Feminized Strain Profile

strain-genetics  Strain Genetics  Purple Punch x Jack Herer
strains-dominant  Strain Dominant  Sativa-dominant
thc-content  THC Content  21%
cbd-content  CBD Content  1%
flowering-time  Flowering Time  8  to 9 weeks
flowering-type Climate  Warm
yield Yield  Medium to High
best-to-grow Height   Short
best-to-grow Growing Difficulty   Moderate
yield Harvest Period   Early October
taste-flavor Flavours  Sweet Pine, Fruity, and Flaky Crust