The King’s Bread Strain is one of the few remaining Original Sativa Landraces, if not the last. The King’s Bread plant’s buds are a medium green color and have a finger-like shape. On King’s Bread buds, the trichomes and light brown hairs are almost entirely covered. Feelings of euphoria, inspiration, and encouragement are among the Sativa results of the King’s Bread strain. It’s perfect for a pre-workout wake-and-bake session.

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What is King’s Bread Strain?

King’s Bread, also known as “King’s Breath,” is a Sativa landrace from Jamaica’s Blue Mountains that produces mellow and euphoric cerebral effects. Citrus-scented buds with crystal trichomes reach out in the form of finger-like bulbs. Lamb’s Bread is one of its descendants, though the lineage of King’s Bread is unknown. King’s Bread provides pain relief, appetite enhancement, and stress relief, to name a few medicinal benefits. King’s Bread THC level is at a whopping 21%.

King’s Bread is believed to be a Blue Mountain landrace strain from Jamaica. However, its lineage’s exact details are unknown, with some speculating that it is related to Jamaican, the island’s other landrace strain.

King’s Bread Strain Growing Information

There is little knowledge available about growing King’s Bread marijuana strains, and those who have attempted it say it is best left to the professionals. Given the strain’s enigmatic lineage, it appears that growers prefer to keep King’s Bread a closely guarded secret.

Growing information for Indoor

The experience of growing King’s Bread cannabis strain is advantageous. King’s Bread grows time will take about 9 to 10 weeks for this strain to bloom until it is ready to harvest. It can be grown in either an indoor or an outdoor environment. When grown indoors, the estimated yield is about 14 ounces per square meter.

Growing information for Outdoor

The fact that the King’s Bread weed strain is a little difficult to develop is one reason you don’t see it very much. Growing outdoors isn’t a choice unless you’re lucky enough to have perfect warm growing conditions all of the time. Still, if you don’t mind putting in the necessary time and effort indoors, King’s Bread could pay off handsomely.

Medical Benefits of King’s Bread Strain

Many suffering from muscle spasms, chronic pain, and headaches will appreciate the relaxing effects of this bud. King’s Bread Auto is an ideal cure for conditions related to mood disorders. Stress, depression, exhaustion, insomnia, and pain are some of the medical symptoms that it may help with. As a side effect, you can experience headaches, dry mouth, dizziness, and dry eyes. New users should take it slow and steady with this bud because it tends to creep up on you.

King’s Bread Strain Effects, Taste, and Aroma

Users will experience a significant body buzz after the first lemony strike, similar to light waves lapping at the beach. Your mind will begin to clear as your body falls into a deep state of relaxation, which is unique to this strain since Sativa is not known for this effect. Kick back and enjoy the peaks and troughs of heaviness that make their way through the bloodstream as a mellow euphoria sets in. Even though this strain provides a full-body high, it isn’t known to cause drowsiness or loss of functionality, helping you to get through your to-do list without difficulty. King’s Bread effects make you feel euphoric, creative, uplifted, concentrated, and happy. With light green nugs with purple and black undertones, mint, citrus, and cheese on the nose and tongue, this strain is as lovely as it is tasty.

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Final Thoughts

The cannabis strain King’s Bread comes from Jamaica’s Blue Mountains and is a pure Sativa landrace. A crystal shawl is encased in citrus-scented buds. It tastes like a bottle of minty lemonade and has a cheesy finish. Buds are light green with lilac and leather undertones. Weight loss, stress, headaches, spasms, and pain are all things that it can help with. The cannabis strain King’s Bread is best used during the day.

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King’s Bread Autoflower Profile

strain-genetics  Strain Genetics  Jamaican Sativa
strains-dominant  Strain Dominant  Pure Sativa
thc-content  THC Content  21%
cbd-content  CBD Content  0.22%
flowering-time  Flowering Time  9-10 Weeks
flowering-type  Flowering Type  Autoflowering
strain-sex  Strain Sex  Male or Female
yield  Yield  14 oz/m2 Indoors and Outdoors
taste-flavor  Taste / Flavor  Cheese, Mint, Citrus, Lemon
effects  Effects  Creative, Uplifted, Euphoric, Happy
may-relieve  May Relieve  Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Headaches, Pain
best-to-grow  Best to Grow  Indoor/Outdoors