The Kalashnikov Feminized Marijuana Strain is like wood and metal, as it can withstand anything thrown at it with ease. This hardy Sativa strain can handle the wind, rainfall, heat, mist, and freezing nights with ease. As a consequence, a 60% Sativa dominant plant with great fungal and insect tolerance grows fast. Kalashnikov Feminized Strain is an excellent plant for beginners, since it requires minimal care. Kalashnikov Feminized also produces plentiful harvests, whether grown indoors, or outdoors.

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What is Kalashnikov Feminized Strain?

Kalashnikov Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a Sativa-dominant strain with a genetic proportion of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. This cannabis strain is the result of crossing the famous AK-47 with the White Widow strain. It is an easy-growing plant that can withstand any weather and is also highly resistant to fungal plant diseases. This cannabis strain emits a strawberry scent when lit, and the effect is a soaring cerebral that is ideal if you want to do something within the day.

Kalashnikov Feminized Strain Growing Information

Growing Kalashnikov Feminized Marijuana Seeds is an easy-growing plant that can thrive both indoors and outdoors. Heavy rainfall? Breeze? Strong wind? Mist? Kalashnikov Feminized can handle these. Not just a strong, robust, and easy-growing plant, but it is also highly resistant to any plant diseases. All these great growing qualities make this strain famous among newbie and experienced growers.

Outdoor Growing Information

These Kalashnikov Feminized Marijuana Seeds can successfully be grown outdoors by any level of grower. This strain can flourish well in a Mediterranean-like climate and can endure any environment and weather. This cannabis strain is also highly resistant to mold and mildew, making it ideal for outdoor cultivation. It only takes 8 to 9 weeks for this strain to reach its maturity and be ready to be harvested, and growers can expect more than 1000 grams of yield per plant.

Indoor Growing Information

This strain is a stunner in indoor cultivation. Kalashnikov Feminized Marijuana Strain can successfully be grown by newbie growers, as it doesn’t need much attention to thrive. This strain is also highly resistant to fungal plant diseases and can quickly adjust to any growing method. The side of this plant makes it perfect for indoor or stealth cultivation, given its average size.

Medical Benefits of Kalashnikov Feminized Strain

Like most marijuana strains, Kalashnikov Feminized also has a wide range of medical qualities that can help various ailments. This Sativa-dominant strain has analgesic properties that can help aid mostly physical pains such as migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pains, and joint pains. This strain is also beneficial to patients with mental health issues such as stress and depression.

Kalashnikov Feminized Strain Effects, Taste, and Aroma

A hit of this strain releases a sharp edge that is noticeable against earthy strawberries as well as fruity scents. The effects are unmistakably Sativa in nature. The user can have a buzzing mental elevator journey to the psychedelia, where they will have a clearer state of mind. A unique and heavy-producing Sativa strain, Kalashnikov Feminized will keep you going back for more time and time again.

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Final Thoughts

Kalashnikov Feminized is a flexible and robust plant that can withstand and adjust to any climate and growing methods. It is also a beneficial medical marijuana strain, as it can help alleviate mental and physical pains. The strawberry, earthy, and fruity taste and aroma of this strain also add to its outstanding qualities that most users and growers admired the most. All these great qualities are beneficial to both recreational and medical users.

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Kalashnikov Feminized Strain Profile

strain-genetics  Strain Genetics  AK-47 x White widow
strains-dominant  Strain Dominant  Sativa-Dominant
thc-content  THC Content  19%
cbd-content  CBD Content  Low
flowering-time  Flowering Time  8-9 Weeks
flowering-type  Flowering Type  Photoperiod
strain-sex  Strain Sex  Feminized
yield  Yield 550-600 gr/m2 (Indoors) 1000 gr/plant (Outdoors)
taste-flavor  Taste / Flavor  Strawberry, Earthy, Fruity, Marjoram
effects  Effects  Euphoric, Uplifting, Energizing
may-relieve  May Relieve  Migraines, Headaches, Arthritis, Stress, Depression, Anxiety
best-to-grow  Best to Grow  Outdoors/Indoors