Island Sweet Skunk is an autoflowering cannabis variety. has been grown in British Columbia, Canada, for decades on Vancouver Island. This hybrid, first bred by Federation Plants, should not be mistaken with California Skunk. As well as a 1970’s California Skunk named Sweet Skunk, this strain is highly inspired by California Skunk. Nice Skunk was taken to California Skunk, where it was crossed with an undisclosed Sativa. Island Sweet Skunk is a strain that begins with a perky upbeat high, immediately accompanied by a gentle body vibration, smelling and tasting like light citrus with a little bit of skunk.

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What is Island Sweet Skunk?

Island Sweet Skunk genetics are an original Canadian breed, evolved to a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is unlike any other, by modifying the original Skunk 1 strain. It has preserved its popularity and is widely used in the medicinal cannabis scene due to its various beneficial properties. This pleasant and fragrant bud was originally grown in Vancouver, British Columbia when it was cultivated from its parent strain by breeders in the Federation Seeds (Skunk # 1). The result became an instant phenomenon and remains one of West Coast’s most popular strains.

Island Sweet Skunk THC level reaches 19% and can be an important daytime treatment for mild aches, arthritis, fatigue, and lack of appetite. A positive attitude can be promoted by Island Sweet Skunk which can be used to relieve depression, anxiety, and tension. Sometimes, consumers feel centered and imaginative. Migraines, exhaustion, and nerve pain can all assist with this. Island Sweet Skunk Autoflower seeds was very aptly named as the Skunk lineage and in light reeks of an island are quite well described. This hybrid contains powerful tropical fruit notes, and its energizing but calming properties better reflect what a true island getaway could smell and look like.

Island Sweet Skunk Growing Information 

Island Sweet Skunk seeds autoflower can be cultivated indoors or outdoors successfully. When the plant begins flowering with an offensive reach, outside it can have more space to develop. This hybrid Island Sweet Skunk strain is a fast-yielding strain that with its looser and mold tolerant bud structure can manage wetter environment conditions. Ensure that you retain the branches as the flowers start to develop. In the last few weeks the buds will become heavily weighted, so make sure that they are completely grown before harvest.

Growing information for Indoor

The Island Sweet Skunk Auto seeds are a charm that contributes to the attractiveness. Growers need not have any expertise to try to cultivate this tropical beauty, for it is a revolutionary plant that must be looked after. Rendering may be maximized if the humidity levels are tracked closely, with a choice of about 50% and It can grow around 21 ounces of new and fruity bud on average. Nice Skunk Island. Blooming and thriving takes around 7-9 weeks

Growing information for Outdoors

Island Sweet Skunk marijuana seeds when grown will generously yield about 39 ounces per plant when cultivated outside, with average production. This hybrid is normally able to be selected by late September before mid-October.

Medical Benefits of Island Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk is a splendid strain for those who seek to avoid their deteriorating and painful symptoms. This strain is an oiled calming machine that makes you feel relegated and unconcerned. It eliminates additional emotions related to severe and constant tension. This hybrid is suitable to combat mood-relaxing disorders, including depression and anxiety. Island Sweet Skunk will supply you with energy and can also aid whether you have chronic exhaustion or need a lift. Island Sweet Skunk proved an effective way to treat chronic pain. Island Sweet Skunk weed strains are renowned for dramatically minimizing back pain, muscle spasms, and headache, which allows patients to experience fresh stimulation and leave their pain behind. This multi-tailored, Sativa-dominant hybrid.

Island Sweet Skunk Effects, Taste, and Aroma

Island Sweet Skunk cannabis strains are very much a gem, and this not only is shown by its physical appearance, but also by their various advantages to its consumers. The Island Sweet Skunk effects give a mainly positive mood inducer and you cannot help yourself, so bad ideas can actually melt and build space for better vibration. This pressure deals with the uplifting stuff that you can experience, and Island Sweet Skunk boosts you for what you are likely to search for. This Sativa-dominating strain often provides you with a spring of vitality and functions more than a cup of coffee ever does. Island Sweet Skunk marijuana strain has quite an incredibly unique fragrance that fills the space with all its fruity sweetness immediately. This strain smells like a fresh citrus fruit with a strong skunky fragrance, which gives you an idea of citrus fruit of some kind. Island Sweet Skunk weed seeds are a unique skunk strain that smelled and tasted very well, given its appropriate moniker. Island Sweet Skunk has a thick smoke that makes you think of citrus and tropical fruits and its taste lingers and gives your lips a flavorful hint.

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Final Thoughts 

Island Sweet Skunk cannabis seeds are the best smelling strain, the strongest high, and the strongest scent of the next generation. Island Sweet Skunk is thick with long buds, which will have to be tied down owing to extra weight in the last few weeks. Sativa dominates a sweat-inducing system of development. The sea of green cultivators does not require vegetation time. Skunk Island is a favored customer. At Bulk Marijuana Seeds, we guarantee that the highest performing Bulk Orders weed seeds are always low-cost but pure Island Sweet Skunk Strain. The wholesale seeds of Island Sweet Skunk cannabis strains can always be enjoyed!

Island Sweet Skunk Profile

strain-genetics  Strain Genetics  Afghani landrace cultivated in Humboldt County and OG Kush.
strains-dominant  Strain Dominant  Indica-Dominant Hybrid
thc-content  THC Content  20%
cbd-content  CBD Content  Low (<2%)
flowering-time  Flowering Time  9-10 Weeks
flowering-type  Flowering Type  Autoflower
strain-sex  Strain Sex  Can be male or female
yield  Yield  Up to 1000 grams
taste-flavor  Taste / Flavor  Herbal, Pungent
effects  Effects  Relaxation, Happiness, and Euphoria
may-relieve  May Relieve  Anxiety, Depression, Nausea
best-to-grow  Best to Grow  Indoor / Outdoor