Growing Cannabis in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) has been increasingly popular over the past few years and this is due the 2018 Federal Governments Law legalizing the limited use, distribution, propagation, and possession of marijuana all over the states of Canada. You can buy bulk marijuana seeds in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL). So if you plan to have your supply of weed in Newfoundland and labrador, now is the perfect time to do so as home growers are allowed to grow a maximum of 4 pots of cannabis plants at home. If you have grander plans such as growing the plants on a larger scale for commercial purposes, a license/permit is necessary to be issued by the Federal Government.

For the greenhorn grower, it is highly recommended to start by buying bulk cannabis seeds in Newfoundland and Labrador as it is economically advantageous due to the bulk pricing discounts offered by suppliers as compared to retail buying. We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds focus to provide all our customers the satisfaction of getting the best deals we could offer. We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds offer cannabis seeds at lower costs which would translate to bigger savings and eventually better profits. Our seeds are guaranteed top quality as these have come from our trusted and carefully screened partner seed banks and breeders internationally. 

Is it  Legal to Purchase Bulk Marijuana Seeds in Newfoundland and Labrador?

When someone plans to purchase bulk cannabis seeds in Newfoundland and Labrador, it must be assumed you have the necessary license to purchase and grow issued by the Canadian Federal Government. It is also legal for homeowners to own up to four (4) pots of cannabis in NL. If planted indoors, it must be grown in a separate room of its own and if grown outdoors, it should be visible to the neighbors and passers-by and must have its shed or grow tent. The legal age to use and possess cannabis is 19 years old and above.

Bulk purchases are always ideally the norm for commercial businesses. Costs are significantly lower due to the volume involved plus packaging of the product is not done one by one but per batch. The same goes for purchasing cannabis seeds. item and shipping costs are significantly reduced, thus this savings converts the seller’s money into profit. That being said, the abundance of marijuana seeds sellers does not guarantee that the product they sell is of high grade, there will always be substandard products circulating in the marketplace.

If one wants to buy marijuana seeds in Newfoundland and labrador, they can only get it through a federally licensed producer/distributor. These federally licensed growers are allowed to grow a certain specified number of plants per batch depending on the permit granted by the Federal government. If you plan to purchase bulk weed seeds in Newfoundland and labrador, it is suggested to buy bulk cannabis seeds in Newfoundland and Labrador from a reputable source, who has been granted the necessary federal license to operate and distribute and sell bulk marijuana seeds in Newfoundland and Labrador.

We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds make it a mission to serve our regular and potential customers for them to experience premium satisfaction when making transactions. Our two-pronged thrust focuses on providing reasonable prices for every grower and at the same time ensures the finest quality of cannabis seeds is readily available anytime. 

How to Buy Wholesale Cannabis Seeds in Newfoundland and Labrador

We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds always have a sufficient amount of stocks of top tier seeds that usually produces very good bud quality. This is due to the strong relations we have built with our partner breeders throughout the years. They continuously supply us with grade “A” products which we in turn distribute to our clientele without hesitation. It has always been our mission to give our customers a consistent top-caliber batch of marijuana seeds at the lowest price possible. To buy bulk weed seeds in Newfoundland and Labrador is allowed by law and permitted by authorities. The more seeds purchased from Bulk Marijuana Seeds will allow the advantage of getting bigger discounts.

When you buy cannabis seeds in New Brunswick, purchase it bulk as this is the logical choice if you are looking to cut on costs, especially if you are a commercial grower seeking profit gains. Also, if you obtain marijuana seeds by the bulk, chances are your product will be more consistent quality-wise ensuring a consistent stream of orders from regular customers. if growing for personal purposes, having a consistent quality product will result in getting the same stimuli generated by the strain as long as the supply lasts. Medicinally, this tends to make your product more reliable concerning the relief and soothing effects felt during treatment, thus generally improving the satisfaction of customers.

Non-medical marijuana can be obtained legally if purchased from licensed cannabis retailers (LCRs) who are identified and regulated by the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation.

Our Best Selling Wholesale Marijuana Seeds


This strain is known to hit users hard an strong. With its distinct altered perception effect, everything around the user seems to intensify. Both visually and physically. This cerebral rush is then followed by a whole-body buzz that encourages the user to calmly relax their nerves. One’s senses are diluted by the psychedelic effects brought about by this strain. Its powerful numbing feeling is used as a treatment for chronic aches and pains. And the mood elevation projects are used as temporary relief for disorders such as anxiety, PTSD, and depression.

The buds of the Gelato tend to be small but these are quite thick and dense structurally. the visual appeal of this Indica variety is its bright orange pistils that are visible surrounding the ark green leaves. The gelato loves warm, sunny, wind-free, and dry weather. This strain’s THC content is at 20% to 25%.

Northern Lights

This pure Indica strain is considered one of the favorites of all time. growers revere this strain due to its highly resinous buds. The pureness of this Indica strain makes this plant give it a highly sedative effect. Northern lights (NL) are also called a “two-hit and quit” weed due to its highly potent hit which pops the body into a sublime numbing, and lazy mode. The body’s reaction to the effects makes it a great choice for treating both psychological and physical disorders such as chronic pains, stress, and anxiety.

This strain needs about 7 to 9 weeks to mature. Ideally, it can produce 18 ounces per square meter of hard-hitting weed. A steady airflow is required to keep humidity down for this plant and it prefers warm and sunny conditions. A heavy dose of nitrogen is also recommended to keep its lush growth continuously thriving. Northern lights have an approximate THC content of 18%.

White Widow

This all-time classic is well known for its excellent resin production. This Sativa dominant hybrid is known for its potent energizing effects. its high is more cerebral as it enhances everything that surrounds the user, clearly affecting sensory details. This high uplifts the user’s mood and energy. Focus is another effect this strain brings out, which could be applied to daily tasks and problem-solving tasks. White Widow also induces the users’ creative juices by creating non-stop ideas the user wants to perform. Due to its deep cerebral effects, this is more of a psychological than physical strain. ADD is one disorder this strain could effectively treat aside from being able to manage fatigue and depression due to its energy-boosting effects.

This strain is capable of producing 18 ounces per square meter of heavy-hitting weed and requires 7 to 9 weeks to mature. This mold-resistant strain prefers a warm and sunny climate for healthy growth and produces its famously grayish-white buds, which it is known for. THC composition is approximately 20%.

3 Kings

This Sativa dominant hybrid immediately hits the user with a strong intoxicating sensation. But this initial hard-hitting potent high is replaced by a deeply drowning feeling of relaxation that quickly settles throughout the body. As the high settles in, the urge to be continuously active is manifested. The diverse effect of being completely relaxed yet actively needing to do something is what elevates this strain to different heights.

This.strain prefers warm temperatures and high nitrogen feeding. The only significant information needed for growing this strain is that the buds tend to grow heavy and ample support would be appropriate to keep the branches containing the buds from snapping off and leaving with no buds to harvest. THC content is between 14% to 24%.

Acapulco Gold

The Sativa-dominant Acapulco gold has been present and making its rounds in the market for several decades now. This old strain is still sought after for its potent cerebral high that elevates one’s mood and happiness.. it mixes that psychological effect with a calming body high that tends to relax both the user’s body and mind. Medical patients suffering from disorders such as PTSD and anxiety use this strain to temporarily relieve them of their dilemma.

This strain thrives in tropical conditions meaning warm, sunny, and humid conditions are ideal for its train to prosper and produce high-quality buds.THC content is approximately 15%.

Should I Buy Weed Seeds in Newfoundland and Labrador? 

To buy cannabis seeds in Newfoundland and Labrador is always a wise decision as you not only get discounted prices for buying seeds in bulk but get the same quality strain you have intended to purchase. It does not matter if you are an avid grower for rev=creational uses or a Grower aimed to do commercial business, the result will always be the savings you have generated in purchasing good quality marijuana seeds.

We at Bulk Marijuana seeds male certain that we will not only provide you, our valued customer,  the highest quality strain you have ordered but will maintain that uniform quality and potency associated with your ordered strain. Our almost endless varieties of available seeds available for your choosing. We would like to invite you, our partner, in browsing through our seed library and make the best decision in your marijuana growing adventure by choosing Bulk Marijuana Seeds.