New Brunswick residents may now take advantage of the great news for growing marijuana in their household. There is now a better and healthier supply of weed and top-caliber strain seeds ready for you to germinate in the convenience of your own home. With the Canadian government legalizing the use of weed around the nation, the purchase of residents or to buy bulk cannabis seeds in New Brunswick as with other provinces in Canada, are now permitted. It is now legal to grow cannabis in their homes as long as it is not accessible to minors. Possession and use are legal for individuals 19 years of age or above.

The legalization of Marijuana use, distribution, growing, and sales passed by the Federal government in 2018 opened the doors to various growers and distributors, However federal law states that cultivation and distribution should be granted a federal permit for them to operate legally. Now there is an influx of bulk cannabis seeds available in the market and this means that the population has generally welcomed the use of marijuana, both recreational and for medicinal uses. 

Is it  Legal to Purchase Bulk Marijuana Seeds in New Brunswick?

Purchasing bulk cannabis seeds in New Brunswick and all other Canadian territories has its advantages as the grower is provided with bigger savings and at the same time getting more consistency in the weed product growth. Having the ideal seed strain assures both the home grower and commercial grower achieve their targeted objectives in producing high end, productive marijuana plants.

At Bulk Marijuana Seeds, it is our objective to provide you with the best value for our money when buying seeds. With our lowered costs due to bulk ordering, we allow you to maximize your savings and commercially, our profits. You are assured economical savings with our lower prices and guarantee that you are getting seeds of the highest quality from us and our partner seed banks internationally.

Not only will you be getting your seeds at lower costs with bigger savings, but we can also guarantee you that you will be getting top quality seeds from us and our partner seed banks and breeders around the globe.

Advantages of Acquiring Wholesale Marijuana Seeds in New Brunswick

At Bulk Marijuana Seeds, we always have adequate stocks of high-quality seeds that produce top tier buds. This is due to the strong relations we have built with our partner breeders throughout the years. It is our mission to give our clientele a consistent top-caliber stash of marijuana seeds at the lowest cost possible. Procuring Wholesale cannabis seeds in New Brunswick is allowed by law and permitted by authorities. The more seeds purchased from Bulk Marijuana Seeds will allow the advantage of getting bigger discounts.

Purchasing bulk cannabis seeds in New Brunswick is the logical choice if you are looking to cut on costs, especially if you are a commercial grower seeking increased profits. Besides, if you obtain marijuana seeds by the bulk, chances are your product will be more consistent quality-wise ensuring a consistent stream of orders from regular customers. if growing for personal purposes, having a consistent quality product will result in getting the same stimuli generated by the strain as long as the supply lasts. Medicinally, this tends to make your product more reliable concerning the relief and soothing effects felt during treatment, thus generally improving the satisfaction of customers.

How to Obtain Wholesale Cannabis Seeds in New Brunswick

For those planning to buy weed seeds in New Brunswick, the best way to go would be to go online. This is true especially if the intention is bulk weed seeds in New Brunswick. However one must need to be careful and do a background check before purchasing from a certain online supplier. As long as the online seller checks out, meaning they have an established reputation as a legitimate seller, then it is safe to purchase from them. The truth is both applied for bulk purchases and if the intention is to buy marijuana seeds in New Brunswick as a single purchase. As long as one feels he is getting the best value for his money from the purchase and he could confidently trust the seller, then go on and make that purchase. As for bulk purchases, to buy cannabis seeds in New Brunswick, it is highly recommended to transact with known seed companies who specialize in bulk bulk seed supply. This will ensure the buyer a stable and uniform product from all the seeds purchased therefore giving him peace of mind about quality consistency and control of the product.

In Bulk Marijuana Seeds, we are focused on preparing and bundling high-quality seeds with high germination rates, thus encouraging our clients to trust their investment in choosing our products. We offer a vast array of products for our buyers to choose their preferred marijuana strain. 

Our Best Selling Wholesale Marijana Seeds

Having a uniform quality, potency and yield is the ultimate goal of a commercial marijuana grower. And it is Bulk Marijuana Seeds to be able to provide these consistencies to our buyers to gain continuous advocacy. Here, we offer you some of our best selling bulk products from our  vast portfolio of products:


This Sativa dominant hybrid offers a mellow, relaxing effect to the user but may this high may lead to a sudden desire to be couch-locked. considered an “All-time classic” which was developed in the ’70s. Its calming high leaves people euphoric, peaceful, and uplifted. Its uplifting quality leads to creative thinking as claimed by users. This strain usually takes 7 to 9 weeks from vegetative growth to flowering and usually produces an average of 15 ounces per plant. This weed has a THC content of 20%

Gorilla Glue

The Gorilla Glue marijuana strain is one hard-hitting weed. It packs a powerful wallop that gives the user a long-lasting, sedating high. “Instantaneous” is also one word to describe its hit as one puff of this bab immediately glues the user to where he is and the feeling of being heavy-handed is a common trait experienced by users. With a THC content measuring close to 28%, the tranquilizing effect offered by this strain makes one experience a  mind and body numbing effect which is a great option for treating disorders such as chronic pain and inflammations. The Gorilla Glue marijuana strain prefers the warm outdoor climate where it grows rather tall thus the need for constant trimming to induce a shrub-like appearance. Excessive frost or rain may not be good for this type of plant.

Grandaddy Purple

Developed in 2003 in California, it is a product of cross-breeding Purple urkle and Big Bud. GDP as it is also known hits fast bringing the user to a deeply relaxed mood making his body drift into ethereal tranquility. The urge to be ouch locked is also an offshoot of the soothing citrus-like aroma emitted by this robust Indica dominant strain. The Granddaddy purple’s effect of delivering a combined mental euphoria and physical calmness makes it one of the more popular varieties in the strains of Purple marijuana. Its growth requirement of having 50% humidity all the time and a constant flow of air makes this a moderate plant to grow and not suitable for beginners. Giving this plant its required humidity and airflow requirement will make this plant quite resistant to mildew, molds, and pests. The THC content of 23%

Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is an Indica cannabis variety that originated in the mountain range also known as the Hindu Kush located in the countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. It usually gives a high known as the  “Indica stone” where the users are transformed into deep sedative relaxation. It is a counterproductive strain as nothing gets done when consumed. It has a THC content of approximately 17% and its potent physical effects make this strain a favorite for medical marijuana users suffering from pain and sleep issues. physical and mental stress is also addressed by this strain relieving the user from the negative thoughts of daily living. Also a grower favorite, this strain needs only 5 to 7 weeks to fully mature and it is not picky if either grown outdoors or indoors.

Amnesia Haze Autoflower

This Sativa strain creates a cerebral high and an intense hallucinogenic-like rush due to its high THC content at 18%. This strain has been made popular by its effect to make users happy and its medicinal treating property of reducing pains and aches.. this is the largest among all auto-flowering strains and it needs about 80 to 85 days to fully mature if grown from seeds. The Amnesia Haze autoflower tends to be huge at 150cm in height. This particular strain also yields around 400 grams per square meter.

Should I Buy Bulk Weed Seeds in New Brunswick? 

It is always a wise decision to purchase discounted cannabis seeds in bulk as compared to buying seeds by the 10’s or 20’s. Whether you are an avid grower growing for recreation or commercial purposes. the bottom line will always be savings, and if you are a grower, savings usually amount to added income.

We at Bulk Marijuana seeds ensure that we will not only provide our valued customers the highest quality strain they have ordered but will maintain the consistent quality and potency associated with your ordered strain. For an almost endless possibility of available top-notch marijuana strains, we invite you, our partner, in browsing through our seed library and make the best decision in your marijuana growing adventure by choosing Bulk Marijuana Seeds.