With the ever-growing variety of strains due to a lot of breeding attempts by growers and cultivators, they can be classified into 2 major categories which are Indica or Sativa. From these categories, it branches out to several subtypes which are the pure strains, Autoflowering which are crossed with Cannabis Ruderalis, Hybrids which are the mix of either of the 3 species with ratios differentiating in each strain, and the feminized seeds. If you Buy Wholesale Indica Seeds, make sure to check what type of seed is perfect for your need as there can be a few.

Indica Seeds in general has plenty of unique features and advantages to it. Plus, Indica marijuana as a product is also gaining its own following of people nowadays. What is great about Indica seeds is they grow out to be short and stout yet can still produce a decent amount of yield per plant. What this means is you can actually, with ease, grow them inside a cupboard or cabinet indoors and you won’t need advanced topping and fimming skills to maintain them. In saying this, smaller plants mean you can fit them easily in confined spaces.

Buying Wholesale Indica Seeds

As for the medicinal value, many people truly appreciate the weighted, relaxing, and sedative effects that are excellent for treating stress, anxiety, depression, and minor pains. Not like Sativa strains which deliver a euphoric, energetic, and motivational high while experiencing clarity and focus. Indica weed is the one responsible for that cloudy and somewhat narcotic effect that we feel when smoking marijuana. Today, the best strains are truly the hybrids that have been perfected through time by breeders and with the right amount of ratios, some strains possess the perfect balance for every specific effect people are looking for.

Buying Wholesale Indica seeds will allow you as a grower to lower your costs plus providing you with a good amount of high-quality marijuana seeds good for a few batches of consistent growth. If you are growing marijuana commercially, buying Indica seeds in bulk is the only economical option for you aside from producing your own. However, in the real world, seed production has its own set of challenges from growing them, and having both together may not be a smart thing to do. So, if you only have a limited area or space you can use for your growing set up then certainly purchasing seeds is your best option so you can allocate all your resources in bud production.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Indica Seeds

As mentioned earlier, the primary reason for dealing with Indica seeds in bulk is to provide lower and better prices to the consumers. If you buy bulk marijuana seeds, you will not only be enjoying bigger and better savings but you can also expect a pack of all high-quality, high-germinating seeds. As a commercial grower, this can actually allow you to have a consistent product that will not only benefit you but also your consumers. Medical use of marijuana is more directed on treating symptoms of serious conditions like Cancer or Epilepsy, which means the patient should and will be expecting certain standards the products should have, like any other pharmaceutical or therapeutic products in the market today. Having an excellent supply of top-quality Indica seeds will provide you with a good start to address this need and here, in Bulk Marijuana seeds, we are happy to help you specifically with that.   

How to Buy Wholesale Indica Seeds

Always make sure to check the background of the seed company you are dealing with whey you are going to buy marijuana seeds in bulk. Take note that not all legitimate seed companies have gone into bulk. The majority of the known seed companies online are dedicated to small growers with smaller retail packaging of marijuana seeds. Buying bulk Indica seeds from a supplier that does not offer bulk prices means you will not be getting the savings that you should. 

Bulk Marijana seeds is a seed company that was created specifically for the bulk market. We specialize in handling, packaging and shipping marijuana seeds in bulk, sold online. So, you don’t have to worry because you are assured that you will only be getting genuine high-quality, high-germinating seeds, giving you the best value for your buck! Check out our seed libraries today and see if buying bulk marijuana seeds is the right move for you! Enjoy bigger and better deals today!

Our Best Selling Wholesale Indica Seeds

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a classic Indica strain that was crossed from the Afghani and Thai landrace strains that prefer tropical, warm and sunny climates. This strain is relatively easy to grow and also has a short flowering time at about 7-8 weeks and more often than not, this strain delivers excellent yields and can produce as much as 18 ounces of weed buds per plant, which is a lot considering the size and stature of Indica plants. THC levels recorded for this strain registers at 16-21%, which is potent and will surely deliver the effects you are looking for.

Strawberry Kush

With a grow time of about 8-9 weeks from seeds to harvest, Strawberry Kush has an average growth speed like most common Indicas has. This strain can deliver up to 18 ounces per plant which is considered an excellent yield. Strawberry Kush is a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa which can bring in quite powerful effects with THC levels registering at around 18 to 23% which is high and excellent for many medical uses and treatments.

OG Kush Autoflower

This Indica Autoflowering strain requires around 10 to 11 weeks to fully mature and ready for harvest. OG Kush Autoflower is superb when grown outdoors as it yields a recorded high at  170 grams per plant. While Growing Og Kush Indoors this can deliver yields ranging from 400 to 450 grams per plant. Don’t get discouraged with the just decent yields and a bit longer growing time as this strain is one of the easiest plants to grow! Just plant it and it will practically grow itself if you make sure you provide all the necessary factors involved in growing marijuana.

Hindu Kush

Similar to any purebred Indica strains, Hindu Kush needs around 7 to 8 weeks to mature from seeds and ready for harvest. The average yield per square meter is recorded at 14 ounces per square meter when grown indoors. The Hindu Kush was bred to shorten the flowering time while keeping its pure Indica breed. The Hindu Kush is a landrace strain from the mountain ranges of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The maximum potency of this strain was recorded to be upwards of 20% THC content which makes it a strong strain.

Purple Kush

Considered as a fast flowering indoor Indica strain, Purple Kush can provide you with a delicious and potent stash of weed in as short as 7 to 8 weeks. Purple Kush grows into a typical Indica plant that is stout, bushy, and short and does not usually go above 3 feet in height hence it’s perfect for indoor growing. This can produce around 9 ounces per plant outdoors and around 15 ounces per square meter indoors. Like any other bestseller marijuana strains ever, this will not fall short when it comes to the effects as this packs around 18 to 25% THC levels and can be quite strong.

Should I Buy Wholesale Indica Seeds?

If you are growing in volume or commercially, buying marijuana seeds in bulk is the most economical way for you to do as this will literally cut down your costs dramatically especially for seeds that actually predetermine our success. Not all seeds are alike and we ensure we only send out those that are high quality with high germination rates. Buying bulk Indica seeds will surely cut down your costs resulting in bigger savings! Plus, buying marijuana seeds in bulk will allow you to have more identical seeds which will allow you to produce consistent crops, which in medical marijuana is crucial to ensure the patients will reap the intended benefits of it.