The US state of Arizona has strict cannabis laws. Adult-use marijuana is still not legal in Arizona but medical marijuana is considered legal for select patients with qualifying conditions. So if you are planning to grow marijuana and you are a registered medical cannabis user then it is perfectly ok to grow them as long as certain guidelines are followed. However. if you are growing for personal or even commercial purposes, the law does not allow it.

If you are a medical marijuana user, it is legal to own up to 12 pots of marijuana plants, to be cultivated in a separate room or tent outside of public view. Although permitted, it is still recommended to be discreet. Thus, you can buy bulk cannabis seeds in Arizona.

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Is it  Legal to Buy Bulk Marijuana Seeds in Arizona?

The legal age limit to use, possess, and consume marijuana and its products is 18 years old and above. Medical Marijuana patients are allowed to possess 2.5 ounces or a little less than 71 grams at any given time. Possession of over 2.5 ounces will have a minimum fine of US 750 and possibly be charged with a criminal act depending on the amount possessed when caught.

Although marijuana use for recreational purposes is still considered illegal in Arizona, it is legal to buy cannabis seeds in Arizona.  For one to be able to legally grow marijuana in Arizona, he must meet the criteria issued by the Arizona Department of Health and Services (ADHS), the governing authority that screens potential commercial growers. Aside from meeting the criteria, the potential grower must ensure that his growing area is out of view from passers-by and neighbors. For medical marijuana users, they may have 12 pots growing in their homes if these registered patients have no dispensaries within 25 miles from where they live.

For commercial growers, purchasing in bulk is the way to go. It has always been a good business practice to purchase in bulk orders, as this lowers the cost of doing business. The buyer may negotiate with the vendor to lower the prices as compared to its price if bought via retail. An added advantage to bulk purchases is that the buyers are assured of getting the same consistent product he ordered from all the seeds. This is so because the seeds come from only one source thus the guarantee of purchasing seeds that will produce the same quality and consistency. This may be applied when purchasing bulk marijuana seeds in Arizona.

When ordering bulk weed seeds in Arizona, or any other state that legalizes the purchase of marijuana seeds, it is natural to ask for a discounted price and most often the vendor agrees since the purchase is bulk.

We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds aim to serve our regular and potential customers by giving them the best possible service. We aim to be fully satisfied when purchasing our products. Our two-pronged thrust focuses on providing reasonable prices for every grower and at the same time ensures the finest quality of cannabis seeds is readily available anytime. We always strive to capture our customers’ trust and confidence.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Marijuana Seeds in Arizona

Buying bulk marijuana seeds in Arizona is legal and permitted, but finding a reliable seller of marijuana seeds could be challenging. Choosing the quality of the seed and getting it from a reliable vendor is as important as growing the plant itself. Seed quality is very important as they lay the groundwork for a healthy and productive cannabis plant.

Our long-established arrangement with our partner breeders locally and internationally is a reason we have stayed in this business for quite some time. The mutual trust built amongst us through these years has assured us that the seeds they supply are always of the highest quality. We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds would distribute and market these top-tier cannabis seeds to our valued customers all the time. We proudly promote our customers to buy marijuana seeds in Arizona and all over the world.

The opting to buy weed seeds in Nova Scotia at slashed down prices is the most objective way to go. This reduces the costs of purchasing and at the same time gives the buyer an assurance that the product he is purchasing is the same quality and has similar characteristics to the strain he chose to purchase. For medical cannabis clients,  the uniformity of the product gives a uniform effect which the patient expects.

How to Buy Wholesale Marijuana Seeds in Arizona

When deciding to buy bulk cannabis seeds in Arizona, it is highly suggested to choose the vendor with scrutiny. Don’t be blinded by vendors promising incredible deals at very low prices. With the sudden invasion of various merchants in the market today, there is a tendency to over-promise just to stand out among the other sellers. This overpromising tends to drown the buyers’ outlook, forgetting the qualities of integrity and capability. If this prevails, most likely the buyer gets disheartened with his purchase. The sellers’ integrity and capability to consistently supply the buyers of high-quality weeds strains are often overlooked by potential first-time buyers. So if you plan to buy bulk cannabis seeds in Arizona or any other place for that matter, it is key to choose a licensed marijuana seed vendor with popular positive reviews from past and existing buyers. The sellers’ profile must reflect integrity, trustworthiness, and longevity in the business. These are important factors to consider when choosing from the various vendors available in the market. Spending a few hours researching and checking each vendor profile is paramount for the success and continuity of your business.

We at Bulk Marijuana seeds are focused on preparing and packing top-quality cannabis seeds with high germination rates in bulk. This allows us to give you, our client, the best that you deserve and offer you a great incentive for your cash when buying seeds. Choose from our various choices of seeds in our libraries. Our prices are reasonably priced and we assure you that we are a better investment choice for your money. Purchase Marijuana Seeds in Bulk today and find the distinction.

Our Best Selling Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

BC God Bud

The God Bud strain is an award-winning marijuana strain with a potent THC content of 22%. This indica dominant strain is recommended for nighttime use only due to its potent high that makes the user euphoric and at the same time fully relaxed. when consumed in large doses, it also induces drowsiness and eventually sleepiness. For medical marijuana patients, their disorders such as anxiety and depression are treated with this weed as they temporarily forget the stressful life they live in. It is also a great reliever for muscular pain and aches as it gives a soothing and calming high.

The God bud strain can be grown both indoors or outdoors. Growing these plants outdoors gives significantly high yields. This short and stocky plant thrives best in warm, sunny climates. Flowering occurs between 3 to 4 months. This fluffy looking plant is completely covered with white trichomes.

Chocolope Candy

The Chocolope Candy strain is an energy-boosting strain that also uplifts the users’ mood which makes it a perfect wake up weed. It emits the aroma of coffee with vanilla. The Chocolope Candy was named “Strain of the Year” by High Times in 2007. Its almost real sweet and fruity flavor makes this strain so unique. This strain is usually suited for those needing a creative escape to get things done as the Chocolope Candy inspires and enhances the users’ creative juices. The Chocolope candy strain is used medicinally to treat disorders such as anxiety, stress, depression, and PSD. This is primarily because this strain uplifts one’s mood and motivate the patient. It is also a potent strain to treat severe muscle pain, migraines, and chronic pain.

This is a plant that can be grown both indoors or outdoors. It prefers a sunny and semi-humid climate to make it thrive and yield optimally. The flowering period for this strain is 9 to 10 weeks and yields approximately 21 to 32 ounces per square meter. THC content is at 16%.

Papas Candy

Papas Candy marijuana strain gives a high that lasts long. Users’ initial high is the floating feeling making one relaxed for hours and hours. a feeling of happiness creeps into your mind boxing out the negative thoughts and replaced with blissful perception. Complete calmness penetrates the whole body putting the user into a state of tranquil nirvana. This Indica dominant hybrid is usually chosen to treat medical cannabis patients diagnosed with conditions like chronic fatigue, epilepsy, seizures, nausea, asthma, and chronic pain.

Papa’s Candy marijuana strain can be grown either indoors or outdoors and produces very dense and oversized buds covered in resin. this strain has a flowering time of about 40 to 55 days and can reach a maximum height of 1.5 meters if grown outdoors.THC content averages between 18% to 25%.


The Kush effect gives the user a strong calming effect that will eventually make the user sleepy in the end. This indica dominant strain It lasts for about 50 minutes to an hour and is best taken at night. The initial hit it gives is a strong headrush that makes the user more focused on the things surrounding him. The sudden variation in his senses normally uplifts one’s mood that leads to a euphoric high. For medical cannabis users, this is used for treating insomnia. and the relaxing high it promotes are good alternative treatments for chronic pain, depression, and stress.

The OG kush can be grown either indoors out outdoors. this plant needs a consistent temperature of around 75 Fahrenheit. They are short growing plants with a height ranging from 2 to 3 feet tall. It is recommended to trim the broad fan-shaped leaves to promote air and light circulation to reach the flowers and buds. The dark green nugs are covered with dark, purple trichomes. Growers yield approximately 45 grams per square foot. THC content is between 20% and 25%.

Northern Lights

The Northern lights marijuana strain is a great end-of-the-day weed to enjoy. It gives the user a sedating and uplifting effect making him relaxed and calm. This strain is also said to produce a glistening effect on the users’ surroundings. Considered to be one of the most popular strains, it is considered one of the most potent strains available in the market. it hits both the mental and physical state of the user giving a jolly, euphoric feeling coupled with a deep body tranquilizing high. Northern lights is a recommended strain for medical patients suffering from pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Its numbing properties are used to treat patients suffering from chronic pain and muscle stiffness.

The Northern lights marijuana strain may yield up to 125 to 130 grams per square meter. this strain flowers on the sixth tho eighth week from seed. This plant prefers natural sunlight for optimum growth and to produce good yields. THC content is at 16% to 2%

Should I Buy Bulk Marijuana Seeds in Arizona?

YES, since it is legal to order bulk weed seeds in Arizona, go ahead and make that order! for growers planning on going into commercial selling, just follow the guidelines set by the Arizona Health Department and Services (AHDS)

We at Bulk Marijuana seeds will always ensure that we will not only provide you, our valued customer,  the highest quality strain you have ordered but will maintain the consistent quality and potency associated with your ordered strain. For an almost endless possibility of available top-notch marijuana strains, we invite you, our partner, in browsing through our seed library and make the best decision in your marijuana growing adventure by choosing Bulk Marijuana Seeds.