Growing Marijuana in Alberta has been increasing in popularity ever since the legalization happened in 2018. Owning and growing up to four (4) plants of Cannabis is allowed in the state and can also be legally purchased online. If you are planning to Buy Wholesale marijuana seeds in Alberta, then it is also legal as long as we only grow the allowed amount of plants per batch depending on your permit. Buying Weed seeds in bulk has several benefits to it and now is the perfect time to buy seeds in bulk and stock up on your most favorite strains. Furthermore, If you are growing at home or a farm, it is known that having the perfect seeds is crucial for your success.

Here in Bulk Marijuana seeds, we provide you with the best value for your money when purchasing seeds. Dealing in bulk has allowed us to lower our costs allowing you to enjoy bigger and better savings! We offer bulk cannabis seeds with the lowest prices in the market! We can guarantee you that all the seeds you will be getting are all high-quality seeds with high-germination rates!

Are Buying Bulk Cannabis Seeds in Alberta Legal?

Even Though Buying Cannabis Seeds in Alberta is totally legal and allowed by authorities, the process may still become tricky to accomplish as they are still not as openly sold out there as any other products in the stores today. Furthermore, once you may have found someone or somewhere to buy bulk cannabis seeds from, you will then, still have to worry about the kind, the quality and the price of the specific marijuana seeds you want and the worry of it, if you are really getting the exact marijuana strains that you ordered. All these, after the hustle and bustle just to get your hands on some bunch of weed seeds, you’ll end up tired and spent just by getting through all these worries.

Here in Bulk Marijuana Seeds, we specialize in processing and shipping bulk marijuana seeds. We do not only offer to you our highly competitive and low prices, but we can assure you that the seeds and strains you will be getting are exactly what you are expecting and are packed with all high-quality seeds with high germination rates.

Growing at home has allowed more patients to have the ability to produce their own medicine, allowing them to be more cost-efficient when it comes to maintaining their supply, Growing weed at home is a cheaper and more economical way to have a continuous supply of weed stash that we regularly need.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Marijuana Seeds in Alberta

Our healthy relations with our partner breeders have allowed us to have a good source of high-quality seeds that produce top-shelf buds. We aim to provide our customers with a steady supply of medical marijuana seeds at the lowest costs possible. Buying Wholesale marijuana seeds in Alberta is totally legal and is allowed by the authorities. When you buy cannabis seeds in bulk, you can expect that you will be enjoying the benefits of buying bulk. Like any other product in the market, buying in bigger volumes can literally drive the prices down exponentially.

If you are a commercial grower or a home grower who is maintaining a healthy supply of weed. Then buying bulk marijuana seeds is the most intuitive option for you to cut down on your seed costs. Buying weed seeds in bulk will also allow you to produce a more consistent crop that will not only benefit you as a consumer but will also benefit your company and the patients that rely on your steady and consistent supply of medicinal marijuana. The medicinal value of marijuana ranges from treatment and relief of symptoms linked to other serious medical conditions, hence improving the patients’ overall quality of life.

How to Buy Wholesale Marijuana Seeds in Alberta

When dealing with any merchants online, make sure you check the background of the company you are dealing with as not all reputable seed companies on the internet are engaged in the bulk market and are more focused on retailing high-quality seeds. If you plan to buy bulk marijuana seeds in Alberta, only deal with a seed company that specializes in bulk to ensure you enjoy and take advantage of the bigger and better savings that are waiting for you.

Here in Bulk Marijuana seeds, we are focused on processing and packaging high-quality seeds with high germination rates in bulk, hence allowing us to provide you, our customer, the best value for your money when purchasing seeds. Check out our wide selection of seeds in our libraries and compare our unbeatable prices and the bigger and better savings can offer. Buy Marijuana Seeds in Bulk today and discover the difference.

Our Best Selling Wholesale Marijana Seeds

Bruce Banner Autoflower

Bruce Banner Autoflower as the name implies can be a huge and powerful strain if grown properly and healthy. This strain requires around 9 to 10 weeks to mature from seeds and can produce as much as 500 grams per square meter indoors and about 100 grams per plant outdoors and that is a lot. Plus, this strain can deliver potent buds registering at 21% to 26% THC contents that will surely bring you into a MARVELous experience.

Early Miss 

Here’s another fast-selling seed nowadays, the Early Miss strain as its name implies is a fast-growing strain and can mature and be ready for harvest as early as 7 weeks from seeds. The yield of Early Miss is also great as it can produce around 65 grams per plant at that short period. Plus, don’t be fooled how quick this strain grows as this can produce strong weed clocking in at around 18% to 21% THC contents.

Gorilla Glue #4 Autoflower

Gorilla Glue #4 Autoflower is quickly gaining much love and popularity because of how quickly this can deliver potent and robust buds that are excellent for smoking. This strain only requires around 55 to 65 days from seeds to mature and bear flowers. Plus, the buds this strain will produce are not just ordinary as the is powerful packing around 21% THC content. Definitely potent and can bring you into a wonderful experience.

Grand Daddy Purple

Also known as the GDP and still weighing in as one of the best classics of all time. Grand Daddy purple may not be as quick and is pretty standard as this may start flowering as early as 8 weeks but can sometimes go as long as 11 weeks in some cases. This can produce a hefty yield of around 19 ounces per square meter indoors and as high as 17 ounces per plant outdoors. GDP buds have been an all-time favourite and have a lot of fans with THC levels clocking in at 21% to 27% which can really bring you on a trip!

Northern Lights

Here’s another all-time classic that has been around since the inception of hybrid marijuana strains. Northern lights is a very famous strain and is generally an easy plant to grow. This strain only needs around 7 to 8 weeks from seeds to a mature plant ready for harvest. This strain is known for its massive yields that can even surprise the novice growers. This can produce around 22 ounces per plant outdoors and around 18 ounces per square meter indoors. Northern Lights delivers potent effects and is clocking in at 17% to 22% THC levels.

Should I Buy Wholesale Marijuana Seeds?

In the event that you are intending to grow weed regularly either as a patient or a business cultivator, at that point buying bulk marijuana seeds is the most ideal choice for you! Not exclusively will you be setting aside heaps of cash yet you will without a doubt be getting a steady flexibly of great, high-sprouting authentic seeds coming legitimately from our partner breeders.

Our seeds experience a choice cycle and bundling to ensure we just dispatch the best quality seeds from the pack, so you don’t need to stress as each seed you will get is certified and top-rack quality without fail! We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds are committed to furnishing you with the best quality seeds that you can get for the best value of your cash. Look at our seed libraries today and see the distinction in costs! Purchase bulk marijuana seeds today and take advantage of the best arrangement in the market today!