If you are planning to grow your marijuana, it is perfectly legal to do so in Nova Scotia. All of Canada and its territories have legalized both recreational and medicinal use of marijuana since 2018. As long as certain regulations and limits are met, It is also legal to order bulk cannabis seeds in Nova Scotia.

Growing your plant is legal in Nova Scotia. Adults of legal age can own up to four (4) pots of cannabis plants per household. However, for commercial growers, national laws will apply where one should be registered and licensed grower before it is deemed legal. The buying of bulk weed seeds in Nova Scotia is accepted and legal.

For commercial growers, they can now order bulk marijuana seeds in Nova Scotia. Ordering by bulk has its advantages economically for growers. With the Government now legalizing the possession, use, and growing of marijuana, now is a great time to order bulk marijuana seeds in Nova Scotia.

We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds focus on providing our customers with great economical deals with special discounts through bulk orders. This offer makes you, our customer, enjoy the savings and could be assured that top quality seeds are being brought your way.

Is it  Legal to Buy Bulk Marijuana Seeds in Nova Scotia?

The legal age limit to use, possess and consume marijuana and its products is 19 years old and above. Possession is allowable up to 30 grams, anything over this will result in being charged with a criminal offense. Other than that, YES it is legal to buy bulk cannabis seeds in Nova Scotia. for Commercial growers, the four (4) pot policy does not apply, the National law applies to apply for a license to grow in all of Canada. Health Canada is the regulating body of applying and registering as a legal cannabis grower. However, before applying, it is necessary to have a fully built site for growing your plants. Thus purchasing seeds are allowable as long as they are bought from a legal and registered supplier.

It is always good business practice to always purchase in bulk for those who want to start a commercial business. This lowers the cost of doing business as the potential grower could negotiate for lower prices compared to the prevailing retail price. the larger quantity one intends to purchase gives him more leverage to negotiate for a lower price. Another advantage of buying in bulk is the assurance the buyer gets concerning the consistency and quality of the product he purchases. Since it is a bulk order, most likely, the product comes from one source, thus consistency-wise this is very advantageous. This general rule of thumb is also applicable in the purchase of bulk cannabis seeds in Nova Scotia.rule also applies to Nova Scotia where it is possible to buy cannabis seeds in Nova Scotia. Weed suppliers heed to request of buyers for discounts made for bulk orders as this establishes a relationship with both.

We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds aim to serve our regular and potential customers with an experience of quality service. We want our customers to be fully satisfied when purchasing our products. Our two-pronged thrust focuses on providing reasonable prices for every grower and at the same time ensures the finest quality of cannabis seeds is readily available anytime. We always strive to capture our customers’ trust and confidence.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Marijuana Seeds in Nova Scotia

Buying bulk weed seeds in Nova Scotia is very legal and permitted, however finding a reliable seller of marijuana seeds is as important as growing the plant itself. Seed quality is very important as they lay the groundwork for a healthy and productive cannabis plant.

Our long-enduring partnership with our partner breeders all over the world is one reason we have stayed in this business for long. The mutual trust we have built through these years has assured us that the seeds they supply are always of the highest quality. We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds in turn, proudly distribute and market these top-tier cannabis seeds to our valued customers all the time. All the more do we promote to our customers to buy marijuana seeds in Nova Scotia and all over the world.

The option to buy weed seeds in Nova Scotia at discounted prices is the most rational way to go. This reduces the costs of purchasing and concurrently gives the assurance that the product being purchased is of the same quality and characteristics of the strain of your choice. For medical cannabis clients,  the uniformity of the product gives a uniform effect which the patient expects, improving the patient’s satisfaction.

How to Buy Wholesale Marijuana Seeds in Nova Scotia

Vendor integrity and capability to consistently supply the buyers of high-quality weeds strains are often overlooked by potential first-time buyers. They are easily blinded by the big, bold fonts of discounted rates. With the influx of numerous sellers in the market today promising ridiculously low prices, the buyers’ outlook is oftentimes drowned, forgetting the qualities of integrity and capability. If this prevails, most likely the buyer gets disappointed with his purchase. So if you plan to buy weed seeds in Nova Scotia or any other place for that matter, it is important to look for licensed marijuana seed vendors with great reviews from past and existing buyers. The merchants’ profile of having integrity, trustworthiness, and longevity in the business are vital factors to consider when choosing from the various vendors available in the market. Spending a few hours researching and checking each vendor profile is important for the continuity of your business.

We at Bulk Marijuana seeds are focused on preparing and packing top-quality cannabis seeds with high germination rates in bulk. This allows us to give you, our client, the best that you deserve and offer you a great incentive for your cash when buying seeds. Choose from our various choices of seeds in our libraries. Our prices are reasonably priced and we assure you that we are a better investment choice for your money. Purchase Marijuana Seeds in Bulk today and find the distinction.

Our Best Selling Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Alaskan Thunder fuck is a Sativa dominant strain with a slow creeping high. Senses are altered slowly and gradually, making sights and sounds bolder and distinct. Once the users get used to the high, the creative juices tend to race through the users’ minds, making this a great weed for analytical thinking and engaging peers in deep but free conversation. The usual heavy leaden feeling is not promoted by this strain instead one gets a clear mind while doing everyday tasks. Since this strain mostly affects the psychological aspect of the user, it is commonly used to treat patients suffering from depression, PTSD, stress, and chronic migraines. Since Alaskan thunder fuck has a soothing effect, stress, and whatever is causing a patient to be depressed is slowly set aside.

Since Alaskan thunder fuck originated from Alaska, it grows best in cold climate making it suitable for an outdoor growth environment. Growing indoors is also possible as long as temperatures are monitored however, the yield is not as much compared to growing it outdoors. THC content is at 20%.

Badazz Rolex

The Badazz Rolex marijuana strain is known for its intense sedative properties. This Indica dominant strain is perfect to disentangle that muddled up mind of the user. A  cerebral buzz will hit the user at the onset bringing a tingling head rush. While this is happening, the sedative effects slowly creep to the user’s mind and body. At its peak high, the user will feel a whole-body high that will make him fully relaxed, calm, yet very happy. This strain is recommended for nighttime use as it will be physically and mentally improbable that any productive activity will be accomplished.

The badazz rolex marijuana strain is an effective way to manage mood-related disorders like anxiety and depression. The relaxing whole-body high is very useful in taking away those pent up emotions building inside you. It is also used to treat patients suffering from physical disorders such as chronic pains and aches. lastly, it also has properties that give one a good night’s rest.

The Badazz rolex marijuana strain is a short and sturdy plant that has short internodes between branches. this plant prefers warm and sunny weather typical of a Mediterranean climate. This can be grown indoors or outdoors (maximum height is 4 feet). THC content for this strain is at 23%.

Angel OG

The Angel OG, also known as Hell’s Angel OG, is an Indica dominant strain. Be warned as the Angel OG’s effects take a long time to take effect, some users tend to use a lot thinking they need a stronger dose, taking them aback with its explosive physical high. The user feels like his feet are off the ground and a cloud-like effect takes place. It is quite disorienting at first until the user gets used to the cloud-like, euphoric feeling. The Angel OG should be taken in small doses only and just wait for the effects to creep in, suddenly making one feel a couch-locked experience. 

Its full body mellowing effect is used to treat disorders for both psychological and physical. Angel OG’s relaxing property makes the medical patient be relieved of stress and anxiety, and at the same time, the body is so relaxed that chronic pains related aches are washed away when using this strain.

This is considered a very easy strain to grow. However, this plant has not been cultivated from seed for commercial use. The best option here is to propagate them from clippings from mature plants and make several clones for one’s personal use. This plant prefers a warm, humid climate and it is preferred that it be grown outdoors. In about 7 yo 9 weeks, the grower will be seeing high yields from this plant. THC content averages around 20%.

Black Haze

The Black Haze marijuana strain gives users a blissful high that instantly uplifts the mood of the user into absolute ecstasy. Due to the strains Indica properties, a feeling of relaxed tranquility envelops the user’s mind and body. This strain was named due to its deep purple colored buds which are almost color black. Its analgesic properties make this strain highly recommended for treating patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. It also relieves and soothes inflammation. Stress and Depression can also be addressed by using this strain as a medicinal option due to its effect making people healthy, thus negative thoughts are washed away when using this strain.

The Black haze marijuana strain requires a warm and semi-humid climate to grow optimally. A low maintenance marijuana strain to grow, it does not seem to be bothered by sudden fluctuations in temperature. THC content is at 14% to 16%.

Agent Orange

The Agent Orange marijuana strain is known for its spicy orange taste. this Sativa dominant hybrid gives out a strong euphoric feeling, uplifting the user’s mood and outlook.

This elated feeling is simultaneously accompanied by a subtle body numbing relaxation. Another common effect of using this strain is getting a strong urge to go on a munching binge.

Agent Orange marijuana strain is most of the time used by individuals who want to take time out from their stressful, anxiety-ridden life. Agent Orange has also been used to help patients trying to manage their migraines and fatigue.

The Agent Orange marijuana strain is considered to be a difficult plant to grow, primarily because it requires a lot of detailed attention. Removal of the broad fan leaves (not all) is a necessity as this promotes air circulation and proper light distribution to its flowers and buds. Defoliate around 20% of the large fan leaves for optimal yield promotion. Trimming the top of the canopy controls its upward growth and attaching a trellis is needed to support the plant as well as the buds from touching the soil. Temperatures should be maintained at 72-78 Fahrenheit during the later parts of its vegetative stage as his aids in producing healthy flowers and buds. THC content is at 15%.

Should I Buy Cannabis Seeds in Nova Scotia?

With Cannabis usage, possession, and cultivation being considered legal in Canada and its territories since 2018, YES one can buy weed seeds in Nova Scotia without it being considered a criminal act as long as certain guidelines laid down by authorities are followed. This is applicable If you intend to grow marijuana either for our personal use. For growers intending to cultivate marijuana for commercial purposes, it is imperative to have a fully established and functional cultivation area before you can apply for a license to grow.

We at Bulk Marijuana seeds will always ensure that we will not only provide you, our valued customer,  the highest quality strain you have ordered but will maintain the consistent quality and potency associated with your ordered strain. For an almost endless possibility of available top-notch marijuana strains, we invite you, our partner, in browsing through our seed library and make the best decision in your marijuana growing adventure by choosing Bulk Marijuana Seeds.