Since 2018, Cannabis use for both recreational and medicinal has been deemed legal in the 6 towns comprising the Canadian Northwest Territories (NWT) namely: Norman Wells, Fort Simpson, Yellowknife, Hay River, Fort Smith, and Inuvik. If you are planning to grow your weed supply, it is perfectly legal in NWT as long as certain guidelines are met. It is possible to order bulk cannabis seeds in the Northwest Territories. The Governments Liquor Commission has been tasked to oversee that Cannabis can be bought at selected liquor stores around NWT.

Growing your supply of weed either for personal or commercial use is acceptable in NWT, as the government allows up to four (4) plants per household, however national laws apply to licensed medical cannabis growers and commercial growers. The buying of bulk cannabis seeds in Northwest Territories is acceptable.

Commercial growers may now order weed seeds in Northern Territories. Buying bulk marijuana seeds in Northern Territories has its economic advantages and with the government now allowing its use and growth, now is the perfect time to start ordering bulk cannabis seeds in Northern Territories. We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds are focused on providing you, our customers, great deals giving you special discounts through bulk orders. This offer also is a perfect complement to help you, our customers, to enjoy greater savings and ensure that what you are getting are consistent high-quality seeds. 

Is it  Legal to Buy Bulk Marijuana Seeds in Northwest Territories?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES! it is legal to buy marijuana seeds in the Northern Territories. Legality will depend if guidelines set down by the local and national government are met, it is perfectly safe to grow marijuana at home. When you plan to buy bulk cannabis seeds in Northern Territories, growing guidelines and plant ownership must be considered. As mentioned earlier, the allowable limit is 6 plants per household for personal use and the allowable age to consume or possess cannabis is 19, which is the same legal age for liquor. Purchasing seeds allowable as long as they are bought from a legal and registered supplier.

As a general marketing rule, it is always sound business practice to always make your purchases in bulk for those who want to engage in commercial businesses. This lowers one’s cost as prices are generally lower compared to retail prices. Another upside to buying in bulk is that one is assured that the consistency and quality of your product are all the same since they all come from a single source. This rule is also applicable in the purchase of bulk cannabis seeds in Northwest Territories. Weed suppliers usually give bulk order discounts. This is made possible since products are packaged as a single item and no individual packaging is necessary. Suppliers also produce these seeds at great amounts thus making it possible for them to price it at a lower rate than the prevailing retail market rate. The lower rates given to the grower is very beneficial to his business as his operating costs significantly go down.

Cannabis seeds suppliers have been very abundant in the past years and the internet has made this possible. However not all marijuana seeds suppliers are legit. a lot of these “supposed” sellers could not deliver what they always promise. So reliability and trust are words that describe a dependable weed seed supplier.

We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds aim to serve our regular and potential customers with an experience of quality service. We want our customers to be fully satisfied when purchasing our products. Our two-pronged thrust focuses on providing reasonable prices for every grower and at the same time ensures the finest quality of cannabis seeds is readily available anytime. We always strive to capture our customers’ trust and confidence.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Marijuana Seeds in Northwest Territories

Purchasing bulk weed seeds in Northern Territories is very legitimate and is permitted by the NWT Government. but getting a reliable source of seeds is as important as growing the plant itself. The characteristics and quality of the seeds are responsible for laying down the groundwork of a good cannabis plant. if grown properly, one will be rewarded with a productive healthy plant. We at Bulk Marijuana Seeds have had reliable partner breeders both in the US and internationally. The partnership has endured a long time and over the years, they have continuously supplied us with top quality seeds which we as distributors shamelessly promote to our expecting customers. This is why we At Bulk Marijuana Seeds encourage our customers to buy marijuana seeds in Northwest Territories and all over the world.

The option to buy weed seeds in Northwest Territories at bulk prices is the logical thing to do to. This decreases the costs of purchasing and at the same time gives the assurance that the purchased product is of the same quality and characteristics of your chosen weed strain. Buying bulk marijuana seeds in Northwest Territories and other states will most likely produce a consistent yield quality. For medical cannabis clients,  the uniformity of the product gives a uniform effect which the patient expects, improving the patient’s satisfaction.

How to Buy Wholesale Marijuana Seeds in Northwest Territories

When deciding which vendor to choose from among all the other vendors scattered all over the marketplace, the factor of vendor integrity and capability is often overlooked. Announcements of very low prices often drown the buyers’ perspective and more often than not, buyers get disappointed. Why? because of the quality of the product they bought did not match the expectation they saw when this was first advertised. The internet is flooded with all sorts of information with promises of cheap cannabis seeds for sale. When purchasing bulk marijuana seeds in Northwest Territories or any other state for that matter, it is very important to do your research thoroughly especially if you plan on going into business as one wrong choice may eventually break your business plans into pieces. 

Vendor profiles such as integrity, trustworthiness, and longevity in the business as important factors to consider when making your choice. Spend a few extra hours doing that needed research as the survival of your business will largely depend on this.

We at Bulk Marijuana seeds are focused on preparing and bundling high-quality marijuana seeds with high germination rates in bulk, This allows us to give you, our client, the best incentive for your cash when buying seeds. Look at our wide choice of seeds in our libraries and compare our incredible prices and the greater and better investment your funds can offer. Purchase Marijuana Seeds in Bulk today and find the distinction.

Our Best Selling Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Alien OG

The Alien OG marijuana strain combines a psychedelic cerebral high with heavy body relaxation. An initial buzzing headrush starts then slowly morphs into a colorful visual perception while rapid thoughts race through one’s brains.[physical relaxation then ensues as the high progresses. These effects are oftentimes used for medicinal purposes as well. The euphoric state induced by this strain boosts moods that could be associated with treating depression and anxiety, and its deeply relaxing high could be used as a cure for insomnia as users are lulled into a deep sleep when using this weed at nighttime.

This short and bushy plants require constant topping and trimming of the large fan-like leaves to allow light and air to reach its flowers, promoting a healthier bud growth. Alien OG’s THC content ranges between 20% to 28%.

Tangie Cookies

The Tangie Cookies has dense, resin-rich buds and reminds you of orange rinds. The high hits are hard and fast. An initial feeling of euphoric bliss envelopes your mind and the urge to converse or explore the wilderness are some common characteristics brought about by this strain. A sudden energy boost makes one accomplish whatever goals he has set for the day.

The Tangie Cookies marijuana strain is a vigorous plant with a very generous yield in its 10-week flowering period. the high yielding strain is what attracts a lot of growers into growing this strain. ts THC content is approximately 18%.


The Somango marijuana strain is Indica dominant and her high is a great mood-boosting and relaxing effect. It usually takes several minutes before the user can feel high. The initial hit is a heavy feeling in both arms and legs and a buzzing pressure like feeling in the temples and eyes. These physical effects occur simultaneously with a burst of cerebral l stimulation. A leaden like feeling engulfs the whole body leaving it deeply relaxed. Somango has shown many versatile effects and is used by many medical marijuana patients. its deep relaxing high is used to treat several pain disorders and inflammation.depression, stress, and anxiety are also treated using this strain due to its numbing properties. 

Somango is unique with its large flowers that are shaped like spades. It usually has a wide base that tapers upward to a pointy tip. The buds are loose and fluffy which is very like. somango likes to grow in warmer and humid temperatures and its olive green leaves tend to pale when exposed to colder weather. THC content ranges from 12% to 23%.

Gorilla Lemon Fire

The Gorilla lemon fire scent reminds one of pines mixed with lemon flavors. This strain is an Indica strain that has strong mental effects. its psychoactive high weighs down on the user’s arms and legs causing a couch-like state. This strain provides therapeutic benefits to medical patients suffering from physical and mental disorders. The deeply calming effects are most often used to treat disorders ranging from anxiety, stress, and depression. The user temporarily is relieved of the bad thoughts causing his anxiety and is transported to a place where happy thoughts pervade.

The Gorilla Lemon Fire is a robust plant with high yielding properties that produce tasteful and sweet-smelling trichome studded buds. Its foliage requires occasional pruning to induce faster branching. Air circulation is a must also for this plant as poor air ventilation could result in mold formation in its buds. THC content is 21%.

CB Dutch Treat

This indica dominant  (80%) hybrid is a potentially potent strain that makes you feel that your mind and body are soaring after your first hit. The slow hitting high makes the user feel euphoric and happy. A constant smile across your face is one thing that is hard to wipe off. This strain soothes the mind. Eventually, the user is slowly cradled into a drowsy state which tends to end in a deep relaxed sleep. The CB Dutch Treat is a popular medicinal strain as it is a  great remedy to treat psychological disorders such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Its mind soaring property makes the user forget about the stressful real world he lives in and is temporarily transported to a problem-free world.

The CB Dutch treat prefers an indoor setup where the growing conditions can be controlled. They prefer a dry and warm environment. It is a low maintenance plant so overfeeding is a no-no. Flowering time ranges between 8 to 9 weeks and it can yield an average of 12 ounces per square meter. THC content is between 15% to 30%.

Should I Buy Wholesale Marijuana Seeds in Northern Territories?

The answer to this is a definite YES if you intend to grow marijuana as either a recreational hobby or you want to cultivate this and become a marijuana cultivator. Since The New Territories has legal laws allowing the use, possession, and growth conditions, weed can be grown freely indoors or outdoors as long as state limitations are strictly followed.

We at Bulk Marijuana seeds will always ensure that we will not only provide you, our valued customer,  the highest quality strain you have ordered but will maintain the consistent quality and potency associated with your ordered strain. For an almost endless possibility of available top-notch marijuana strains, we invite you, our partner, in browsing through our seed library and make the best decision in your marijuana growing adventure by choosing Bulk Marijuana Seeds.