Auto Berry comes from a long history of genetics that is both unique and amazing. Blueberry, an Indica-dominant strain, Lowryder, a Ruderalis, and Grapefruit, a Sativa-dominant strain, are all included in the mix. The tastes, strength, and effects of each of the three strains in the genetic makeup are well-known and loved.

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What are the Berry Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

As an autoflowering strain, Berry Autoflowering puts on a great show with its high-quality buds and looks. One of its parents, Blueberry, has won many awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica in 2000. Due to its average height, this cannabis strain is an excellent choice for keeping a low profile outdoors and an indoor plant. Finally, the smoke has a fantastic mix of intellectual and physical effects.

Berry Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds Growing Information

Because this strain blooms entirely on its own, it is known as “auto.” It takes only eight weeks to harvest; the cycle is short. To keep a modest profile, Berry Autoflowering can only grow to a height of 30 to 60 centimetres and can reach heights of 75 centimetres if planted outdoors. It is possible to have three harvests in a Mediterranean environment if you grow early enough. And this strain produces yields of about 200-300 grams per square meter.

Medical Benefits of Berry Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

This weed strain can help aid mental and physical pain. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a stress-free day and unwind. With a few hits, your problems will be wiped away. You may even laugh. Moderate doses let you fall asleep with little struggle. This strain contains anti-inflammatory qualities that assist with inflammation, arthritis, migraines, and discomfort. Your day-to-day activities, such as house cleaning or gardening, will not be interrupted. You might also feel ready to go for a stroll or partying.  

Berry Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds Effects, Taste, and Aroma

The THC levels of this strain are modest, ranging from 10-14% when auto-flowering plants are involved. CBD is in high amounts, which leads to longer-lasting sedatives. Smoking Berry Autoflowering Strain affords an excellent Indica stone, which happens to boost one’s energy levels. 

This strain will be a delicious treat! There is indeed a delightful blueberry sweetness on your initial few puffs. Sweet taste and vanilla would flood your tongue, and the smoke would work its way into your lungs. In this blend, you may be reminiscent of a blueberry pie. The scent of this strain is also a berry fruit smell. As one of its parents, it has a sweet and lemony aroma.

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Berry Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds Profile

Strain Genetics Indica-dominant

THC Content 10-15%

CBD Content Medium

Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks

Flowering Type Autoflowering

Strain Sex Feminized

Yield 200-300 gr/m2

Taste/Aroma Berry, Sweet, Vanilla, Lemon, Blueberry

Effects Euphoric, Uplifting, Energizing, 

May Relieve Stress, Insomnia, Anxiety, Inflammation, Migraines, Chronic Pain, Arthritis

Best To Grow Outdoors/Indoors

Final Thoughts

Berry Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds is one of the most attractive and easy-to-grow strains. It’s a rapid and easy strain to grow, thanks to its autoflowering genetics. It also has a great lineage that includes the well-known Grapefruit and Blueberry strains. The outcome makes smokers happy, optimistic, peaceful and centred.

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Berry Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds Profile

strain-genetics  Strain Genetics  Lowryder x Ruderalis x Grapefruit
strains-dominant  Strain Dominant  Indica-dominant
thc-content  THC Content  10-15%
cbd-content  CBD Content  Medium
flowering-time  Flowering Time  8-10 weeks
flowering-type  Flowering Type  Autoflowering
strain-sex  Strain Sex  Feminized
yield  Yield  200-300 gr/m2
taste-flavor  Taste / Flavor  Berry, Sweet, Vanilla, Lemon, Blueberry
effects  Effects  Euphoric, Uplifting, Energizing
may-relieve  May Relieve  Stress, Insomnia, Anxiety, Inflammation, Migraines, Chronic Pain, Arthritis
best-to-grow  Best to Grow  Outdoors/Indoors