Alien OG strain is a potent balanced hybrid that provides the best of Indica and Sativa into one weed. It produces a blend of a soaring psychedelic metal high that is fully complemented by the stimulating and calming body stone. This weed is not for beginners, even seasoned vets are in awe of the intensity this weed brings. This California native has also a lot to offer when it comes to therapeutic relief from both mental and bodily malaise as it is the ultimate stress buster and pain killer rolled into one! A great nighttime toke, this weed is the ultimate smoke to take if you really want to have a great time!

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What is Alien OG Regular Strain?

The Alien OG cannabis strains are a potent mix of mental and physical highs that offers a well-rounded buzz of mental warping of the audio and visual senses while providing the users with a profound tranquilizing high. Alien OG strain genetics is a result of crossing the powerhouse, pain-killing Tahoe OG Kush, and the psychedelic yet energizing Alien Kush. This has resulted in Alien OG’s THC level ranging from 23% to 28% but levels off at 23%! With a balanced ratio of 50% Sativa to 50% Indica, this weed will not only provide its users with an intensified high but its aroma of freshness is a delightful mix of pine and damp earth giving it the perfect calming experience from the potency of the weed.

Alien OG Regular Strain Grow Info

Considered a moderate plant to grow, the Alien OG marijuana strain can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors. These plants like growing in a warm, sunny and humid environment. They are short and bushy plants so it is highly recommended to prune some of the lower leaves and branches of the plant to maximize air circulation and allow light to deeply penetrate into the inner recesses of the plant for an even and healthier growth. The Alien OG strain seeds will end their flowering stage in about 8 weeks and yield approximately 11 to 14 ounces of great-tasting Alien OG buds!

Growing information for Indoor

The Alien OG is an easy plant to grow indoors and thrives in the Sea of Green method, which is a great space saver if you have a cramped indoor setup. These plants need lots of sunlight and a humidity level of about 50% during their vegetative stage. When flowering starts, lowering humidity levels to 40% will prevent moisture from build-up on the buds that cause bud rot. Investing in a good set of ventilation equipment will help bring down humidity levels and add in a dehumidifier to ensure low RH inside the grow room

Growing information for Outdoor

Growing them outdoors will make them happy as they are exposed to their natural environment but giving them a hand to maximize their optimal growth is key in cultivating them outdoors. You can just let them sit and enjoy the bounties of nature and expect a major haul come harvest time! One needs to prune some of the lower branches and leaves, especially those leaves covering the buds, to maximize airflow and allow sunlight to touch the inner parts of the plant. Installing a couple of outdoor fans will also help in giving air circulation especially on hot and dry days.

Medical Benefits of Alien OG Regular Strain

The medicinal value of the Alien OG is very effective as an organic alternative in treating both physical and mood disorders. The euphoric and mood uplifting high of this weed is often used to treat medical cannabis patients suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety. The patients are transported into a different realm where all negativity is set aside and all that exists are optimistic thoughts. ON the physical side, the potent THC content of the weed is the perfect holistic approach to treat those suffering from joint inflammation, muscle spasms, chronic pain, back pains, and fibromyalgia. The deeply sedating and anti-inflammatory properties of the weed can provide that relief from the pain the medical cannabis patient is suffering.

Alien OG Regular Strain Effects, Taste, and Aroma

Alien OG strain effects are known to act quickly and hit hard. At the onset, ahead buzz will immediately take place once the user starts to exhale their first toke. A rush of euphoric high will soon take over opening the gates to uplifting the user’s mood. This effect gives the user a positive mental attitude where all negativity is set aside. This head rush is so intense that a sudden change in the visual and olfactory sense takes place. Images will seem to be distorted and enlarged with sounds that will be like coming from a water tunnel, echoing throughout. This psychedelic hit gives it a trippy high which most seasoned cannabis users love. Then time will seem to be at a standstill as motions will start to be slowed. Enter the Indica effects.

As the Indica starts to kick in, a warm sensation will envelop the user into a state of relaxation. Soothing their muscles and limbs as it starts to loosen. As the high reaches its apex, a deeply sedated feeling will have the users feeling totally tranquil, yet their minds are still fully alert and functional. Their movements will be weighed down by the heavy-limbed high. As this high settles down, a strong urge to hit the pantry will have users gobbling relentlessly on whatever edible snack they see!

Imagine yourself in a pine-covered forest on a drizzling morning and take a deep breath. That is exactly what the aroma of Alien OG smells like. A sweet concoction of pine, woodiness, and damp earth all rolled into one. As the buds are lit, the creamy smoke touches the taste buds, and flavors of earthiness, pine, and skunk blend together beautifully with hints of citrus overtones making its presence felt. As the smoke is exhaled what remains in the palate is a faint lemon flavor that acts like an after-dinner treat to give it that refreshing end to a delightful smoking experience.

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Final Thoughts

Alien OG cannabis is a potent balanced hybrid that provides its users the best of Indica and Sativa highs. With a hallucinogenic trip that most veteran cannabis enthusiasts will love, this is balanced out by a deep body-calming intoxication that will have users feeling heavy-limbed and lazy. These effects are combined with a refreshing natural flavor of pine and earth that round up an already satisfying weed. At Bulk Marijuana Seeds we provide you with the best Alien OG weed available in the market at discounted prices for wholesale purchases. So take advantage of this opportunity and we are more than willing to serve any of your cannabis needs!

Alien OG Regular BCBD Strain Profile

strain-genetics  Strain Genetics  Alien Kush x Tahoe OG Kush
strains-dominant  Strain Dominant  Balance hybrid
thc-content  THC Content  23%
cbd-content  CBD Content  0.01%
flowering-time  Flowering Time  8 weeks
flowering-type  Flowering Type  Photoperiod
strain-sex  Strain Sex  Regular
yield  Yield  11 ounces indoors and 14 ounces outdoors
taste-flavor  Taste / Flavor  Earthy, Lemon, Pine, Skunk, Sweet, Woody
effects  Effects  Calming, Psychedelic, Relaxed, Euphoric, Munchies
may-relieve  May Relieve  Stress, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Pain, Depression
best-to-grow  Best to Grow  Indoor and Outdoor